Troop, Imperial Archers

Shining blades hanging at their belts, these soldiers march with jet-black bows held at the ready, their keen eyes scanning the battlefield for enemies.

Imperial Archers (CR 10)

XP 9,600
LN Medium humanoid (human, troop)
Init +10; Senses Perception +19


AC 24, touch 16, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +6 Dex, +4 natural)
hp 114 (12d8+60)
Fort +13, Ref +12, Will +5
Defensive Abilities troop traits


Speed 30 ft.
Melee troop (3d4+3)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks volley


Str 17, Dex 22, Con 17, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13
Base Atk +9; CMB +15; CMD 28
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Combat Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Perception +19, Profession (soldier) +16
Languages Common
SQ elite troop, united spirit


Elite Troop (Ex)

As a highly trained and well-equipped unit, an imperial infantry troop gains an additional +4 natural armor bonus to its AC, increases the damage dice of its troop melee attack by one step, and gains 2 additional hit points per Hit Die. These effects are included in the troop’s stat block.

United Spirit (Ex)

An imperial infantry troop is united by its dedication to its nation. When the troop takes damage that would reduce it to 0 or fewer hit points, it can attempt a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + the troop’s number of negative hit points). On a success, the troop is instead reduced to 1 hp. The troop can benefit from this effect once every 24 hours.

Volley (Ex)

An imperial archers troop is trained and optimized for ranged combat. As a standard action, the troop can fire a volley of arrows. This attack takes the form of up to four lines with a distance of up to 100 feet each. These lines can each start from any corner of any square in the troop’s space, and the troop can accurately shoot over friendly creatures or large groups of individual creatures (though it cannot shoot over spaces smaller than a 10-foot-by-10-foot square).

Each creature in any of these lines that is not excluded in this way takes 4d8+3 points of piercing damage per line that hits it (Reflex DC 20 half). The save is Dexterity-based.

The archers wield composite bows but are not accustomed to melee combat; this lowers the troop’s AC by 2 and its troop melee damage by two die steps. These effects have already been calculated into the troop’s stat block.


This orderly troop is made up of archers who specialize in hitting large groups of enemies at long range. Their superior training and weapons allow them to deal more damage with their devastating volleys than most units of their size, and they are impeccably trained to support other heavy-hitting imperial melee units.

Despite the resources invested into training them and their members’ vast collective military knowledge and wisdom, imperial archer troops struggle to keep up with the mobility, stealth, and woodland know-how that defines their counterparts. Due to their focus on ranged combat, imperial archer troops are also not terribly adept at hand-to-hand combat, which might make them a weak spot in the defenses of a multi-unit force.

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