Orc Subtype

Orc tribes are feared and reviled throughout the planes for their depravities and their penchant for destruction and mindless violence. The vast majority of orcs are easy enough to identify by their jutting jaw, yellowed tusks, squinting eyes and hairy, brutally muscular frames. Their skin color tends to run the gamut from blue-black to grey, with putrid slime green being the most common. Many tribes of orcs however have adopted traits unique to their own species through interbreeding with other races, adaptation to climate and terrain, and the intervention of evil magicians or other-planar powers.

The orc subtype is applied to orcs and creatures related to orcs, such as half-orcs. creatures with the orc subtype have darkvision 60 feet and light sensitivity (half-orcs do not have light sensitivity).

Preconstructed NPC’s

Deadwatcher Orc (Orc Fighter 8)

High Priest of Orcus (Black Orc Cleric 10)

Orc Fighter 10

Orc Barbarian 4

Orc Berserker (Orc Barbarian 2)

Orc Shaman (Orc Adept 3)

Orc Skoll (Worg Rider) (Orc Fighter 2)

Orc Barbarian 11

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