A heavily muscled, horned simian pounds its chest, exuding strength and confidence, its thick fur well-groomed and its long arms nearly reaching the ground.

Krang CR 2

XP 200
N Medium humanoid (krang)
Init +0; Senses Perception -1


AC 15, touch 10, flat-footed 15 (+3 armor, +2 natural)
hp 22 (3d8+9)
Fort +6, Ref +1, Will +0; +2 vs. fear, +4 vs. disease and poison


Speed 30 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee mwk warhammer +7 (1d8+6/x3), head-butt +1 (1d4+2)
Ranged sling +2 (1d4+4)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (with melee weapon or unarmed strike)
Special Attacks relentless, smash


Str 19, Dex 11, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 13
Base Atk +2; CMB +6 (+8 bull rush); CMD 16 (18 vs. bull rush)
Feats Improved Bull Rush, Martial Weapon ProficiencyB (warhammer), Power Attack
Skills Climb +15, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (engineering) +4, Survival +4
Languages Common, Krang
SQ combat training, elongated arms


Combat Training (Ex)

Krang culture celebrates combat prowess above all else, and all krang receive a bonus Martial Weapon Proficiency feat with one martial weapon of their choice-a skill they’re expected to demonstrate at their coming of age ceremony.

Elongated Arms (Ex)

Krang have exceptionally long arms relative to their bodies, giving them a natural reach of 10 feet with unarmed strikes or melee weapons and a climb speed of 20 feet.

Relentless (Ex)

Krang gain a +2 racial bonus on combat maneuver checks to bull rush or overrun an opponent. This bonus only applies while both a krang and its opponent are standing on the ground.

Smash (Ex)

Three times per day as a standard action or part of a charge attack, a krang can force an opponent damaged by its head-butt to succeed on a DC 14 Fort save or be dazed for 1 round. If the attack confirmed a critical hit, a failed save causes the target to be stunned for 1 round instead and dazed for another round thereafter. The save DC is Constitution-based.


Environment any land
Organization single, pair, or troop (3-16)
Treasure NPC gear (studded leather armor, masterwork warhammer, sling with 20 bullets, other treasure)

Krang come from a lush, forested homeworld, where their forebears first gathered in small tribes of arboreal apes.

Fighting one another for centuries over territory and resources, the krang eventually evolved and merged into industrialized nation-states, causing their skirmishes to blossom into full-fledged wars for control of their entire planet. The advanced races from beyond to encounter the warlike krang promised them the opportunity to test themselves against far greater enemies in a war of epic conquest across the multiverse. Amused by promises of glory from such a perceived ‘lesser’ species, the krang instead challenged these ambassadors from races like the ultari, offering to demonstrate the true superiority of krang culture and savagery for their guests. Many ambassadors managed to defeat the krangs’ champions, earning their respect, admiration, and loyalty. The krang unified in service and joined in their alliance, forming a terrifying cadre of shock troops. However, when they discovered some of the more heinous practices of their erstwhile allies in brutal warfare and mass purges, they turned on the ultari and their other minions, seeking allies to help liberate their homeworld from the mental and physical domination of the ultari.

Krang value themselves as honorable warriors, and they tend to regard other beings based on their own battlefield merits, as well. The krang language includes dozens of words for respect and valor, and oftentimes a phrase or saying can mean something related simultaneously to both an honor spirit and combat prowess. Fleeing from an evenly matched foe, or disregarding orders given by a commander, represent dishonorable actions to the krang. Yet, they eschew foolhardy endeavors when a tactical retreat brings a greater chance of winning against superior odds. After all, pyrrhic victories with few survivors fail to support the greater good.

While krang prefer to fight at close range, they also engage from a distance if conditions call for it.

Krang average 6-1/2 in height, though their long arms give them the appearance of being taller.

They weigh between 200 and 300 pounds.

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