Thin Man (3pp)

A gray man, composed of what you believe to be paper, appears in front of you seemingly from nowhere. He turns to his left, vanishing again into thin air. The next time you see him, he’s right in front of you, bladed arms crossed, ready to slash you.

Thin Man CR 7

XP 3,200
NE Medium fey
Init +10; Senses low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 21, touch 17, flat-footed 14 (+6 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 natural)
hp 66 (12d6 + 24)
Fort +6; Ref +14; Will +9
Defensive Abilities missing dimension; DR 10/piercing or slashing


Speed 40 ft.
Melee 2 blade arms +11 (2d8+2)
Special Attacks sneak attack (+3d6)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 9th; concentration +??)

3/daydimension door


Str 15, Dex 23, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 12
Base Atk +6; CMB +12; CMD 24 (32 vs. grapple)
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (blade arm)
Skill Acrobatics +21, Bluff +9, Disguise +5, Escape Artist +25, Intimidate +10, Perception +16, Sense Motive +16, Sleight of Hand +21, Stealth +29; Racial Modifiers +4 Escape Artist, +8 Stealth
Languages Common, Sylvan


Missing Dimension (Ex)

A thin man only exists in two dimensions, allowing him to deliver vicious attacks with his arm blades, as well as providing a measure of defense against those who have trouble perceiving him. A creature must make a DC 22 Perception check when attacking a thin man. Success means the thin man only has concealment against the attack, while failure means the creature has total concealment. The DC for the Perception check is Dexterity-based.

A thin man within 30 feet of another of his kind must make a DC 17 Fortitude save or be destroyed. The save DC is Charisma-based.


Environment any
Organization solitary
Treasure none

The vast majority of humanoid society regards nowhere men as a myth or bedtime story to frighten children into behaving. Witnesses who have seen a thin man appear out without warning, decapitate his target, and disappear know better. Getting a witness to talk about it will be tricky, as the experience usually leaves him a gibbering mess.

Even fey creatures are uncertain of the origins and life cycles of thin men. The most popular theory holds that a group of highly curious fey creatures ventured to a dimensional rift which ended up partially closing on the group, swallowing up their third dimension. According to some darker whispers, promising fey—those who demonstrate a keen ability to hide and sneak—sometimes suddenly disappear, their presumed fate being a ritual designed to create another thin man. No creature has ever seen a thin man they recognize, but this could be deliberate.

Habitat & Society

Unparalleled assassins for the fey courts, thin men, or “nowhere men” due to their ability to effectively disappear, do whatever dirty work nobles require of them. Their targets are usually other fey creatures, but they commonly find themselves on missions to eliminate humanoid rulers who have wronged a noble or despoiled a sacred fey location. Not all of their deployments are for assassination, though, since they make excellent spies with their ability to remain unseen except to the keenest observer.

These creatures rarely work together, not out of a sense of competition, but more out of necessity, since their missing dimension plays havoc on others of their type. If more than one thin man is required, their contact must provide details to coordinate the creatures’ tasks. Failure to communicate the presence of another thin man usually results in the death of the hiring creature.

Inscrutable, even to the majority of the fey, thin men are never discussed in polite company. Even the most obviously evil fey creatures will avoid speaking of thin men among themselves, out of fear that one of them might be lurking nearby.The best method to get a thin man’s attention regarding a job is to write the request on the opposite side of a sheet of paper or parchment. However, there are many times a thin man will appear when a client speaks aloud to himself about a problem he needs resolved.

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