Gremlin (3pp-NWP)

Gremlins in the Kingdom of Monsters are just as mischievous and unruly as they are on other worlds, but they are also a lot more dangerous in general. With the ability to grow into various forms, gremlins bring new levels of frustration and fear when they gather into mobs. The people of the Kingdom do well to watch carefully on treks through the Scribe’s Marsh; especially during the week in which it dries up each year.

Gremlins During Haunted Eve

At the start of every Haunted Eve, three distinct groups of monsters celebrate the week-long holiday exclusively by playing tricks on the people and other monsters that live within the Kingdom. They are the gnoles, the gremlins, and the impspawn. Seen as pests by some and true threats by others, these rival species of monsters are nonetheless sought out by trainers as a direct result of their rarity during the rest of the year.

Few are aware of this fact, but gremlins are one reason the gnomes agreed to experiment with the darker magic that eventually turned many of them into trollspawn. If not for the constant damaging of gnomish inventions and magic at the hands of the gremlins, the Kingdom may not have suffered the loss of one of its brightest races.

Dream Imp Cousins Gone Wrong

The Dream imp gets its title, the little fantasy, because it is a joy for any researcher to find and capture one. In their first year of life, wild moggish forage and build their first tools that they will later use to craft more complex objects and, eventually, the kit they need to grow into moggles.

But not all dream imps are inclined toward eventually growing up. These childish monsters are called mogweirds, because they trade their inventiveness for clever action and occasional trickery. This is why mogweirds love Haunted Eve and the Kingdom’s various gift-giving holidays so much; it lets them flex their creative muscles without fear of reprise.

So unwilling are they to change that, when forced to grow, mogweirds don’t become moggles; they become gremlins instead. Often, gremlins who were once mogweirds harbor ill will and anger toward their trainers or whomever forced the change upon them. These feelings manifest as evil pranks and dangerous games that usually end in somebody getting hurt.

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MKoM: Haunted Eve Monsters Only Pack, © 2015, Northwinter Press; author Kevin Glusing.

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