Sea Serpents

Nearly as old as the dragons that roam the sky are the sea serpents, great snakelike creatures that have roamed the oceans for ages. Unlike the classical dragon, these great, scaly, serpentine beasts are generally agreed to be a product of evolution, though many suspect magical influence, either deliberate or natural, somewhere in their evolution.

Whatever their origins, sea serpents are a highly varied species, with a great variation in size, coloration, intellect, and temperament. However, all sea serpents bear certain similarities. They are long, serpentine, warmblooded creatures that closely resemble snakes in appearance, though they all have two sets of flippers, which may be large or so small and atrophied as to be nearly unnoticeable. Sea serpents are aquatic creatures, though some can make their way about on land. All sea serpents can breathe both water and air with equal efficiency, another fact that distinguishes them from marine mammals and reptiles. Further, all sea serpents are sentient, with an intellect ranging from little greater than moronic to supra-genius level. One trait that sea serpents share in common with their draconic brethren is a sense of innate superiority, a feeling that they are masters of the sea, at least in whatever manner they choose to pursue their expertise.

Unlike dragons, however, sea serpents are not distinguished by color or age category. And while some species are as acquisitive as dragons, others have no interest in hoarding wealth, and live lives little better than beasts. All sea serpents can speak and understand Aquatic, and many know Draconic as well. The more intelligent species may also learn the languages of marine civilizations, or the languages of sea-traveling surface dwellers. Due to their physical similarities, sea serpents use fairly consistent tactics in combat situations. All sea serpents have venomous bites, and they use this to their advantage to slow or immobilize multiple attackers so they can concentrate on one foe. In addition to their lethal bite, all sea serpents have the ability to ensnare prey in their coils as a giant constrictor does and crush the life out of them. The larger sea serpents may even use this constriction attack against sea vessels, and mariners in their smoky dens delight in recounting tales of horror and woe of great serpents that splinter hulls and then devour the helpless sailors in the water. Because they are sentient beings, sea serpents can often be reasoned with, even if the reasoning is no more complex than simple intimidation. They are adaptable to circumstances, and none throw themselves into battle rashly.

Feats: All sea serpents have Swim-By Attack as a bonus feat.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sea Serpents from the Tome of Horrors Complete, Copyright 2011, Necromancer Games, Inc., published and distributed by Frog God Games; Authors Scott Greene and Patrick Lawinger.

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