(Primal) Cloud

The blue-white scales of this four-horned Dragon exude wisps of fog. The dragon’s snout is short but filled with sharp teeth.

Cloud Dragon

CN dragon (air, extraplanar)


CR 5; Size Small; Hit Dice 6d12
Speed 40 ft., swim 40 ft.
Natural Armor +5; Breath Weapon cone, 2d8 electricity
Str 10, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 13


Cloudform (Su)

An adult or older cloud dragon can change itself into a cloudy vapor as a swift action for a number of rounds per day equal to its Hit Dice. This ability functions as gaseous form but the dragon’s fly speed is unchanged.

Cloud Breath (Su)

A great wyrm cloud dragon’s breath weapon creates a cloud that persists in its cone shape for 1d4 rounds. Treat this cloud as a fog cloud that deals electricity damage equal to half the Dragon’s breath weapon damage to any creature that ends its turn still within the cloud (Reflex save halves the damage—DC equals the dragon’s breath weapon save DC).

Mist Vision (Su)

A cloud dragon can see through fog, clouds, and similar obscuring effects with perfect clarity.

Spell-like Abilities (Sp)

A cloud dragon gains the following spell-like abilities, usable at will (unless indicated otherwise) on reaching the listed age category.

Thundering Bite (Su)

An ancient or older cloud dragon’s bite makes a thundering crash whenever it attacks, dealing an additional 2d6 points of sonic damage. A great wyrm’s thundering bite deals an additional 4d6 sonic damage.

Age Category Special Abilities Caster Level
Wyrmling Immunity to electricity, mistvision
Very Young obscuring mist
Young fog cloud
Juvenile Frightful presence 1st
Young Adult DR 5/magic, spell resistance 3rd
Adult Cloudform, solid fog 5th
Mature Adult DR 10/magic 7th
Old cloudkill 9th
Very Old DR 15/magic 11th
Ancient Thundering Bite, wind walk 13th
Wyrm DR 20/magic 15th
Great Wyrm Cloud Breath, storm of vengeance 17th


Environment any sky (Plane of Air)
Organization solitary
Treasure triple

Cloud dragons stay out of the complicated political schemes and obsessions of other dragons (especially the chromatic dragons), preferring to live their lives freely and as the whim to travel strikes them. Exploration and viewing new lands from far above are the cloud dragon’s greatest joy, rivaled only by speaking with new creatures and gaining exotic treasures from them. They keep lairs on high mountain peaks, but are often away on journeys of discovery, returning home only when they’ve claimed a new treasure that needs to be placed in safekeeping back home.

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