Planar Dragon, Paradise

This sleek dragon carries itself with regal dignity. Its eyes glow with heavenly light.

Paradise Dragon

LG dragon (extraplanar, good, lawful)


CR 8; Size Small; Hit Dice 10d12

Speed 60 ft.

Natural Armor +8; Breath Weapon line, 2d8 force

Str 17, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 14


Banishing Breath (Su)

Any called or summoned creature damaged by a paradise dragon’s breath weapon must succeed at a Will save (the DC equals that of the dragon’s breath weapon) or be returned to its home plane, as per dismissal.

Graceful Flight (Ex)

A paradise dragon’s aerial maneuverability is one step better than normal.

Heavenly Aid (Ex)

When a paradise dragon uses the aid another action, the bonus it grants is +4 rather than +2.

Rebuking Breath (Su)

A creature that takes damage from a paradise dragon’s breath weapon is subject to a bull rush.

Redemption (Su)

Once per month, a paradise dragon can offer a dead creature a second chance at life. If the creature’s soul accepts, it is revived as per true resurrection, and its alignment shifts two steps toward lawful good.

Resolute (Ex)

A paradise dragon is immune to force effects, petrification, and poison.

Sacred Space (Su)

Nonevil allies in the area of a paradise dragon’s planar infusion heal at twice the natural rate and gain a +2 sacred bonus on their saving throws.

Seeking Breath (Su)

Once each time it uses its breath weapon, if the breath strikes a chaotic or evil creature, the dragon can bend the line of the breath weapon up to 90 degrees.

Age Category Special Abilities Caster Level
Wyrmling Graceful flight, resolute
Very young Heavenly aid
Young Rebuking breath 1st
Juvenile Frightful presence, planar infusion 3rd
Young adult DR 5/evil, spell resistance 5th
Adult Sacred space 7th
Mature adult DR 10/evil 9th
Old Seeking breath 11th
Very old DR 15/evil 13th
Ancient Banishing breath 15th
Wyrm DR 20/evil 17th
Great wyrm Redemption 19th


Environment any (Heaven)
Organization solitary
Treasure triple

Paradise dragons create holy sanctums of light and harmony to shield their followers from the multiverse’s evil.

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