The gray hide of these club-tailed, primeval beasts is covered with calcified bumps.

Olkhia CR 4

XP 1,200
N Large animal
Init +0; Senses low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 17, touch 9, flat-footed 17 (+8 natural, -1 size)
hp 52 (Sd8+30)
Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +1



Speed 20 ft.
Melee slam +7 (1d6+5), tail slap +7 (1d8+5 plus trip)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with tail slap) Special Attacks powerful tail


Str 20, Dex 11, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 10
Base Atk +3; CMB +9; CMD 19 (23 vs. trip)
Feats Diehard, Endurance, Toughness
Skills Perception +5


Powerful Tail (Ex)

An olkhia’s tail is considered a primary natural attack.


Environment warm and temperate jungles
Organization solitary, pair, or pack (3-8)
Treasure incidental

Olkhia are ill-tempered herbivores that often gather in small packs. At times they are seen in larger herds migrating from one oasis to another, though this is rare. Due to their wood-based diet, gnarled and calcified growths ripple from the crowns of their hardened heads down bumpy, armored backs to the tips of their club-ended tails. Their teeth can easily break bones. More aggressive than most creatures, olkhia don’t hesitate to use their bony tails to bash any who get too close to them while they’re feeding, a pastime they enjoy essentially whenever awake. Their tails are their primary weapons for combat, but are used to knock down the sturdier trees they seek to feast on. Many rangers have taken note of which types of bark olkhia favor and have used this to their own advantage, and some foolhardy or ruthless individuals have used this to trap them to use as engines of war.

The selvanu seem to be the only race that lives close to the olkhia, and some of the more cunning wood elves have been known to use the beasts’ legendary hunger to use them as guides through unknown jungles or to clear space for new settlements. However, it is said, “If you want to keep your hut, build it not near the olkhia,” and there are even nursery rhymes surrounding their insatiable appetites. The selvanu have largely learned to live with the lumbering giants. In contrast, grachukk and ragatt hunters have caused a decline in the number of olkhia. They use the powerful creatures in war, either for gyukk archers to shoot from, six atop each back, or for bashing down doors and walls. The selvanu and galemren, who revere these beasts, have forged alliances to bring war to any who would enslave them.

An olkhia is about 15 feet in length from head to tail and weighs 3,500 pounds.

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