Dinosaur, Brontosaurus

This immense creature has a strong, tapering tail and a massive body that supports a long neck and small head.

Brontosaurus CR 11

XP 12,800
N Gargantuan animal
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +32


AC 18; touch 6, flat-footed 18 (+12 natural, -4 size)
hp 481 (26d8+260)
Fort +24, Ref +15, Will +8


Speed 20 ft.
Melee stomp +23 (2d6+7), tail +18 (2d8+3)
Special Attacks capsize, trample (2d6+10, DC 30)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (30 ft. with tail)


Str 35, Dex 11, Con 25, Int 1, Wis 10, Cha 9
Base Atk +19; CMB +30; CMD 40 (44 vs. trip)
Feats Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Armor (x5), Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness (x3), Weapon Focus (stomp), Weapon Focus (tail)
Skills Perception +32


Capsize (Ex)

A brontosaurus can attempt to capsize a boat or ship by ramming it as a charge attack and making a CMB check. The DC of this check is 25, or the result of the boat captain’s Profession (sailor) check, whichever is higher. For each size category larger than the brontosaurus’s size, it takes a cumulative –10 penalty on this CMB check.


Environment warm aquatic and swamp
Organization solitary or group (2-3)
Treasure none

The brontosaurus is one of the largest of all dinosaurs. The creature is 65-75 feet long and weighs more than 30 tons. A brontosaurus is so heavy that it needs to spend most of its time in water, so that the water helps support its weight. This dinosaur eats plants, and can only be found in deep marshes or on the edges of swamps.

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