Crocodile, Dire

This reptilian behemoth, a crocodile of monstrous proportions, is large enough to swallow a horse in one tremendous bite.

Crocodile, Dire CR 9

XP 6,400
N Gargantuan animal
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +14


AC 21, touch 6, flat-footed 21 (+15 natural, –4 size)
hp 138 (12d8+84)
Fort +15, Ref +8, Will +8


Speed 20 ft., swim 30 ft.; sprint
Melee bite +18 (3d6+13/19–20 plus grab) and tail slap +13 (4d8+6)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks death roll (3d6+19 plus trip), swallow whole (3d6+13, AC 16, 13 hp)


Str 37, Dex 10, Con 25, Int 1, Wis 14, Cha 2
Base Atk +9; CMB +26 (+30 grapple); CMD 36 (40 vs. trip)
Feats Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Run, Skill Focus (Perception, Stealth)
Skills Perception +14, Stealth +0 (+8 in water), Swim +21; Racial Modifiers +8 Stealth in water
SQ hold breath


Environment warm rivers and marshes
Organization solitary, pair, or colony (3–6)
Treasure none

The immense sarcosuchus, or dire crocodile, is an enormous predator capable of catching and eating prey as large as the largest dinosaurs.

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