Phrenic Scourge

Phrenic Scourge CR 10/MR 4

XP 9,600
LE Medium aberration (mythic, mythos, psionic)
Init +4; Senses telepathy 100 ft., unnatural vision


AC 21, 14 touch, 17 flat-footed (+4 Dex, +7 natural)
hp 76 (8d8+40)
Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +9; second save
Defensive Abilities fortification (50%); DR 5/epic and bludgeoning or slashing, PR 29


Speed 30 ft.; burrow 15 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee 2 tendril clusters +9 melee (1d8 plus implant and 1d4 Wisdom drain)
Special Attacks bypass mental defenses, implant, mythic power (4/day, surge +1d8), psi-like abilities, rapid spawn, sap will (5 mythic abilities), split form, Wisdom drain
Psi-Like Abilities (ML 9th; concentration +14)


Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 21, Wis 17, Cha 15
Base Atk +6; CMB +6; CMD 20
Feats Ability Focus (implant), Ability Focus MF (sap will), Alertness, Ascendant Psionics, Weapon Finesse
Skills Autohypnosis +6, Bluff +10, Climb +8, Diplomacy +10, Disguise +8 (+10 acting), Intimidate +7, Knowledge (psionics) +16, Perception +16 (+22 if unclothed), Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +16, Stealth +15


Bypass Mental Defenses (Su)

When using a psi-like ability with the mind-affecting descriptor, the mythic phrenic scourge can expend one use of mythic power to affect creatures immune to mind-affecting effects and ignore abilities that apply their benefit only against mind-affecting effects, such as barred mind, as long as the creature being targeted is not mindless.

Compress (Ex)

Although they normally stand as humanoid, phrenic scourges are not bound to that form. By shifting and relaxing their tendrils, they can thin themselves out, or flatten themselves into a mass of writhing limbs no thicker than a snake. As a full-round action, a phrenic scourge can move up to its speed through a space as narrow as two or three inches in one dimension, as long as it is at least a foot or more in the other dimension. For instance, a scourge could fit through a hole that was two inches by fourteen inches, but not one two inches by four inches.

Implant (Ex)

The tips of a phrenic scourge’s tendrils constantly die and regrow, much like a human’s fingernails. In any round in which the scourge successfully strikes the same victim with both tendril attacks, the tip of a tendril breaks off in the flesh and begins to burrow, unless the victim succeeds on a DC 17 Fortitude save. The larva burrows through the host, following its nervous system until it reaches the brain. This takes 1d4+1 rounds, causing 2d4 points of damage per round. When the larva reaches the brain, the subject dies instantly. At any point in this process, the larva can be destroyed with remove disease or heal.

This ability does not function against constructs, elementals, oozes, plants, or undead, and is not instantly fatal to foes with multiple heads. Any creature with natural regeneration or fast healing resists the effects of the implanted larva. The larva is not expelled, but neither can it proceed to the brain.

It does continue to cause damage every round, however, as it tries to burrow (assuming the damage it causes exceeds the fast healing or regeneration, of course).This continues until the larva is destroyed, as above, or until 2d10+1 rounds have passed, at which point it dies on its own. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Dispassionate Insight (Ex)

Despite having emotions, phrenic scourges don’t interact with the world through them, but through cold, piercing logic; thus, all psi-like and supernatural abilities a phrenic scourge has use its Intelligence instead of its Charisma for all purposes.

Rapid Spawn (Su)

A mythic phrenic scourge is capable of causing implanted larvae to rapidly grow by releasing its mythic power.

As a standard action, the mythic phrenic scourge can expend one use of mythic power to cause one currently active larva within 30 feet to burst out of its host and create a phrenic larva swarm (Psionic Bestiary 79). This violent process deals an additional 2d4 points of damage to the creature whose body the larva is currently in.

Sap Will (Su)

As a standard action, a phrenic scourge can use this psionic attack to manifest a 20-ft.-radius sphere, which the scourge can center anywhere within 30 ft. (a common tactic is to center the ability on itself, as a scourge is immune to its own sap will ability). Anyone caught in this sphere must succeed on a DC 20 Will save or lose the will to act for 3d4 rounds, during which they are stunned. Once used, this ability can’t be used again for 2 rounds. Phrenic scourges often use this ability to take out groups of enemies at once, or to hunt for victims they can make into slaves or breeding vessels.

Unnatural Vision (Ex)

A phrenic scourge sees and hears through its entire body; this gives it a +6 racial bonus to Perception checks, and makes it impossible to derive any benefit from flanking it. When a scourge is disguised as a humanoid, and thus wearing clothes, these benefits are lost.

Wisdom Drain (Su)

A mythic phrenic scourge drains 1d4 points of Wisdom each time it hits with its tendril melee attack. (Unlike with other kinds of ability drain attacks, a phrenic scourge does not heal any damage when it uses its Wisdom drain.) Mythic phrenic scourges try to use this power early in an encounter to make foes more susceptible to mind control and sap will.

Skills: Phrenic scourges have a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks and can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.


Environment Underground or temperate plains
Organization solitary, pair, brood (3–5), or horde (3–5 plus servants, in any combination of duergar, gnolls, troglodytes, or similar humanoids)
Treasure double standard

Tendrils formed into the shape of hands and feet writhe as a pressure forms inside your mind. The creature before you whispers unintelligible noises as the willingness to fight seems to fade from your mind.

A mythic phrenic scourge is a master of overcoming mental resistances and subjugating others to its will. It has learned not only to enhance its natural psionic ability, but also to use its mythic power to draw forth spawn to aid it during critical moments. Most phrenic scourges take to wearing humanoid robes, which easily hide their alien features for the casual observer, allowing them to disorient potential attackers and often giving them the upper hand. As combat is joined, they often slither away from these robes to reveal their true natures: writhing coils of tendrils and tentacles, like some madman’s dream had leapt from his mind and taken physical form.

A phrenic scourge is a cunning foe who will turn friend against friend, playing on weaker minds with the use of powerful suggestions, aversions, and charms that make almost any creature regard the scourge as their erstwhile friend. Ideally, this reaches the point where the scourge implants their “true friends” with larvae, dooming them to painful deaths as the breeding grounds for more of their ilk.

Phrenic scourges prefer to hang back out of melee, battering foes with their psionic abilities or sending thralls to fight in their stead. When facing weaker or lone foes, however, they close and attempt to lash the victim with their tendrils, in hopes of implanting him with larvae and breeding a new scourge.

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