The hive consume or transform everything they find. They spread through hosts to conquer new worlds.

Hive larvae are the first stage of the hive life cycle. These tenacious creatures render suitable hosts incapacitated and infest their bodies, transforming them into new hive creatures.

Hive warriors guard colonies and serve as scouts for suitable hosts. Warriors sometimes range miles from their colony and drag victims back to be cocooned by hive workers. Hive warriors consider symbiosis with a hive creature to be both inevitable and beneficial and can’t fathom why most victims struggle against it. Hive workers have similar statistics, though they have the ability to secrete resin and sculpt that resin, rather than acid spit or rending mandibles.

A hive queen is an engine of destruction created through advanced fleshwarping procedures. Normally hive queens are dormant, concerned only with the creation of eggs. However, when threatened, the queen aggressively defends her clutch. If she survives her colony’s destruction, she rampages and destroys everything in her path until she can find another suitable location in which to begin again.

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