This bizarre creature resembles a fleshy tree trunk. Atop its main body protrudes a mass of writhing tentacles that constantly ooze and drip a brownish-yellow fluid. Near the top of its body is a ring of black, unblinking eyes.

Bonesucker CR 7

XP 3,200
NE Large aberration
Init +5; Senses all-around vision, darkvision 90 ft.; Perception +19


AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+1 Dex, +1 dodge, +6 natural, –1 size)
hp 60 (8d8+24)
Fort +5; Ref +5; Will +7
DR 10/magic; Immune flanking


Speed 20 ft.
Melee 4 tentacles +9 (1d4+4 plus grab and liquefy bones)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks constrict (1d4+4 plus liquefy bones)


Str 18, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13
Base Atk +6; CMB +11 (+15 grapple); CMD 23
Feats Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Climb +15, Perception +19, Stealth +8, Swim +15; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception
Languages Aklo


All-Around Vision (Ex)

A bonesucker’s symmetrically placed eyes allow it to look in any direction, bestowing a +4 racial bonus on Perception checks. Bonesuckers cannot be flanked.

Liquefy Bones (Ex)

A bonesucker that has successfully grappled an opponent deals 1d2 points of Strength and 1d2 points of Dexterity damage to an opponent as long as the hold is maintained.


Environment any land and underground
Organization solitary
Treasure standard

A bonesucker is a bizarre creature that stalks the darkness of wastelands and dank caves. The body is encased in a thick, rubbery sheath of flesh and muscle that makes the bonesucker highly resistant to injury. The bonesucker moves about through the use of 5 thick tentacles at its base.

Bonesuckers consume only the bones of an opponent by grabbing it and piercing its flesh with its hollow tentacles. The tentacles inject digestive enzymes into the bones, which break down and are sucked up as a pasty meal for the bonesucker—the attack of a bonesucker is horrifyingly painful. Experienced adventurers always know they are nearing the hunting grounds of a bonesucker: the creature leaves boneless carcasses of its meals lying where it finished them.

Bonesuckers stand about 10 feet tall.

A bonesucker attacks with its tentacles. Initially, the tentacles appear to be only a foot or two in length, but the bonesucker can extend them to a length of approximately 10 feet. It can attack with up to four of its eight tentacles in a single round.

A bonesucker’s natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Bonesucker from the Tome of Horrors Complete, Copyright 2011, Necromancer Games, Inc., published and distributed by Frog God Games; Author Erica Balsley.

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