Templates by CR Adjustment

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-1 CR Adjustment

Other Publishers

+0 CR Adjustment

+1 CR Adjustment

Paizo, Inc.
Advanced Creature
Aerial Creature
Alchemically Quickened
Aqueous Creature
Bard Simple Class Template (up to 9 HD)
Boreal Creature
Calcified Creature
Celestial Creature (5+ HD)
Cleric Simple Class Template (up to 6 HD)
Counterpoised Creature (5+ HD)
Chthonic Creature
Dark Creature
Demonic Vermin
Druid Simple Class Template (up to 6 HD)
Ectoplasmic Creature
Entropic Creature (5+ HD)
Fiendish Creature (5+ HD)
Fiery Creature
Fighter Simple Class Template (up to 9 HD)
Fey Animal
Fey Creature (9 HD or less)
Floodslain Creature
Foo Creature
Frostfallen Creature
Fungoid Simple Template
Giant Creature
Gnarled Creature
Half-Celestial (5 HD or less)
Half-Fiend (5 HD or less)
Haunted Ones
Juju Zombie
Lamia Harridan
Mana Wasted Mutant
Mutant Goblin
Plagued Beast
Primordial Creature
Ranger Simple Class Template (up to 9 HD)
Resolute Creature (5+ HD)
Rogue Simple Class Template (up to 9 HD)
Shadow Creature
Skeletal Champion
Sorcerer Simple Class Template (up to 7 HD)
Wizard Simple Class Template (up to 6 HD)
Zombie Lord
Other Publishers
Airborne Creature
Air-infused Creature
Arboreal Creature
Avian Creature
Brass-clad Creature
Cave Creature
Celestial-Blessed Creature
Chaosborne Creature
Clockwork Creature[AB]
Clockwork Creature
Collective Creature
Copper-clad Creature
Corpsespun Creature
Creature Swarm
Crystal Creature
Debased Fey
Demon-Possessed Creature (“lesser” demons)
Devil-Bound Creature (Kyton, Hellcat, or Imp)
Divine Guardian
Dread Ghast
Dread Ghoul
Dread Lacedon
Dread Lich (applied to lich)
Dread Skeleton
Dread Zombie
Dream Creature
Drowblood Creature
Dust Creature
Earth-infused Creature
Element-infused Creature
Eye-King (0-5 HD)
Fire-infused Creature
Flesh Plant
Force Creature
Fortune-Blessed Creature
Fortune-Spurned Creature
Giantblooded Creature
Gold-clad Creature
Green Warden
Harbinger-Archon Graced Creature
Holy Creature
Icy Creature
Id Ooze
Juju Zombie
Lantern-Archon Graced Creature
Lawbound Creature
Lead-clad Creature
Magma Creature
Mist Creature
Muck Creature
Plantblood Creature
Poisonous Creature
Prismatic Creature (9+ HD)
Qlippoth-Blighted Creature
Ravenous Creature
Saurian Creature
Seasonal Creature
Seelie Creature
Shadow Creature
Shrine-Blessed Creature
Slithering Ooze Creature
Smoke Creature
Solaric Creature (7+ HD)
Spectral Troll
Suzerain Creature
Swarmblooded Creature
Teratocerphalos Creature
Therianthrope (5 HD or less)
Time Seer
Tin-clad Creature
Totem Animal
Two-Headed (no breath weapon/gaze attack)
Undead Lord
Unholy Creature
Unseelie Creature
Water-infused Creature

+2 CR Adjustment

Other Publishers
Acid Creature
Agathion Invested Creature
Alacritous Creature
Amphisbaena Creature
Astradaemon Host
Avowed Reaver
Beast of Chaos
Bralani Azata Invested
Brijidine Azata Invested
Broken Soul
Bronze-clad Creature
Cassisian Angelic Vessel
Clockwork Creature
Cold Creature
Crucidaemon Host
Death Knight[TOH4]
Derghodaemon Host
Demon-Possessed Creature (Balor, Glabrezu, or Marilith)
Devil-Bound Creature (Barbed, Bearded, Bone, Erinyes, or Ice)
Dire Creature
Dread Bodak
Dread Ghast
Dread Mohrg
Dread Shadow
Dread Wight
Eye-King (6-11 HD)
Fire Creature
Fungal Creature
Genie-Bound Creature
Ghaele Azata Inspired
Half-Umbral Dragon
Herald of Death
Herald of Famine
Herald of Pestilence
Herald of War
Hound-Archon Graced
Hydradaemon Host
Jann Bound Creature
Legion-Archon Graced
Leukodaemon Host
Lillend-Azata Inspired
Lyrakien-Azata Inspired
Maladaemon Host
Moss Lich
Mythical Animal
Negative-Energy Charged Creature
Phase Creature
Piscodaemon Host
Plague Bearer
Poisonous Creature
Positive-Energy Charged Creature
Ravenous Creature[AB]
Ravenous Creature
Rawboned Creature
Shadow-Traced Creature
Shield-Archon Graced
Skeleton Warrior
Swamp Lord
Thanadaemon Host
Therianthrope (6 to 10 HD)
Thunder Child
Two-Headed (with breath weapon/gaze attack)
Undead Lord
Vulnudaemon Host

+3 CR Adjustment

+4 CR Adjustment

Paizo, Inc.

+5 CR Adjustment

Paizo, Inc.

Fixed CR Adjustment (Template changes creature to a fixed CR)

Paizo, Inc.
Petitioner (CR 1)

CR Adjustment Varies (see Template Details)

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