(Bestiary) Terrain: Extraplanar

While endless adventure awaits out in the game—there are other worlds beyond these—other continents, other planets, other galaxies. Yet even beyond this existence of countless planets exist more worlds—entirely different dimensions of reality known as the planes of existence. Except for rare linking points that allow travel between them, each plane is effectively its own universe with its own natural laws. Collectively, the entirety of these other dimensions and planes is known as the Great Beyond.

Although the number of planes is limited only by imagination, they can all be categorized into five general types: the Material Plane, the transitive planes, the Inner Planes, the Outer Planes, and the countless demiplanes.

More Information on the Planes/Extraplanar Environments

Abaddon (or any Neutral Evil Plane)
Daemon, Astradaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Cacodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Cacodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Ceustodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Ceustodaemon (Greater)[PFR]
Daemon, Ceustodaemon (Lesser)[PFR]
Daemon, Charon[3PP]
Daemon, Charonodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Derghodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Derghodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Erodaemon
Daemon, Guardian[3PP]
Daemon, Hydrodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Hydrodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Lacridaemon
Daemon, Leukodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Meladaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Obsicidaemon
Daemon, The Oinodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Olethrodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Phasmadaemon
Daemon, Piscodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Piscodaemon[3PP]
Daemon, Purrodaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Sangudaemon
Daemon, Suspiridaemon
Daemon, Temerdaemon
Daemon, Thanadaemon[PFR]
Daemon, Venedaemon
Hag, Night
Gorgon, True (Euryale)[3PP]
Gorgon, True (Sthenno)[3PP]
Grovth (Variant Bodak)
Soul Reaper[3PP]
The Abyss (or any Chaotic Evil Plane)
Abyssal Harvester[3PP]
Abyssal Larva[3PP]
Abyssal Wolf[3PP]
Basilisk, Abyssal[3PP-TO]
Bodak, Advanced (Unhallowed)
Demodand, Shaggy[3PP]
Demodand, Slime[3PP]
Demodand, Tarry[3PP]
Demon, Abrikandilu
Demon, Aeshma
Demon, Babau
Demon, Balban[3PP]
Demon, Balor
Demon, Chaaor[3PP]
Demon, Choronzon[3PP]
Demon, Derakni
Demon, Dretch
Demon, Felius[3PP-TO]
Demon, Gallu
Demon, Gallu[3PP]
Demon, Gibrileth
Demon, Glabrezu
Demon, Greruor[3PP]
Demon, Hala
Demon, Hatethrall[3PP]
Demon, Herensugue[3PP-TO]
Demon, Hezrou
Demon, Kalavakus
Demon, Kithangian
Demon, Lilitu
Demon, Mallor[3PP]
Demon, Marilith
Demon, Mehrim[3PP]
Demon, Mezzalorn[3PP]
Demon, Nabasu
Demon, Nalfeshnee
Demon, Omox
Demon, Oolioddroo
Demon, Painajai
Demon, Paigoel[3PP-TO]
Demon, Pestilenzi[3PP]
Demon, Quasit
Demon, Shadow
Demon, Shemhazian
Demon, Succubus
Demon, Vrock
Demon, Vrolikai
Demonic Knight[3PP]
Gorgon, True (Euryale)[3PP]
Gorgon, True (Sthenno)[3PP]
Grovth (Variant Bodak)
Marsh Jelly, Jubilex-Touched[3PP]
Qlippoth, Augnagar
Qlippoth, Chernobue
Qlippoth, Cythnigot
Qlippoth, Gongorinan
Qlippoth, Iathavos
Qlippoth, Nyogoth
Qlippoth, Shoggti
Qlippoth, Thulgant
Soul Reaper[3PP]
Thunder Beast[3PP]
Titan, Thanatotic
Vescavor Swarm
Warmonger Wasp
Warped One
The Positive Energy Plane
The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Acid
The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Obsidian
The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Vapor
Limbo (or Any Chaotic Neutral Plane)
The Hive (or any Lawful Neutral Plane)
The Manifest Plane of Psionics
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