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Composition Feats

Cantripping (Composition)

Prerequisite: Conduct composition class feature, ability to cast 2nd-level spells.

Benefit: Whenever you begin to conduct a standard score with the conduct composition class feature, you gain the ability to cast 0thlevel spells as a swift action until the end of your turn.

Channeled Melodies (Composition)

Prerequisite: Cantor level 10th, channel energy class feature.

Benefit: Whenever you channel energy, select a cantor melody you know that affects all allies, foes, or creatures within 30 feet. All creatures affected by the channeled energy are affected by the selected melody for 1 round.

Echoing Refrain (Composition)

Prerequisite: Maestro level 10th, refrain class feature.

Benefit: When you switch to a refrain, you can choose to conduct both the score’s melodies and the refrain’s melodies at once. Doing so consumes two rounds of the score’s daily duration. This is in addition to the one round of duration that is expended each turn to maintain the score. If the refrain and the score share melodies, they do not stack.

Normal: When switching to a refrain, the score’s melodies are suppressed for the duration of the refrain.

Equivalent Experience (Composition)

Prerequisite: Breakdancer 5th level or harmonicist 5th level.

Benefit: You do not need to know the Spell Focus feat to satisfy the prerequisites of compositions that normally require that you know a variant of the Spell Focus feat in order to learn it.

Extra Conducting (Composition)

Prerequisite: Conduct Composition class feature

Benefit: You may conduct each of your scores for an additional round per day.

Special: You can gain Extra Conducting multiple times.

Extra Counterpoint (Composition)

Prerequisite: Counterpoint class feature.

Benefit: You gain an additional counterpoint.

Special: You can gain Extra Counterpoint multiple times.

Extra Dance Move (Composition)

Prerequisite: Dance moves class feature.

Benefit: You gain an additional dance move. You must meet all of the prerequisites of this dance move.

Special: You can gain Extra Dance Move multiple times.

Extra Verse (Composition)

Prerequisite: Verse class feature.

Benefit: You gain an additional verse.

Special: You can gain Extra Verse multiple times.

Favored Score (Composition)

Prerequisite: Conduct composition class feature.

Benefit: Select a single standard score. This score is now your favored score. You can now conduct this favored score for an additional four rounds per day. Should you ever recompose your favored score, then that new score becomes your favored score.

Good Vibrations (Composition)

Prerequisite: Conduct composition class feature, harmonicist level 3rd.

Benefit: The range of your harmonicist scores is increased by +10 feet.

Special: You can gain Good Vibrations multiple times.

Got the Beat (Composition)

Prerequisite: Rhythm class feature.

Benefit: Your maximum rhythm increases by +2.

Lurking Dancer (Composition)

Prerequisite: Got the Beat, breakdancer level 10th.

Benefit: At the beginning of your turn, if your current rhythm is less than half your maximum rhythm, and if you would neither gain nor lose rhythm this round, you gain 1 rhythm instead.

Master Arranger (Composition)

Prerequisite: Masterpiece pool class feature.

Benefit: The size of your masterpiece pool increases by +1.

Special: You can gain Master Arranger multiple times.

Master Composer (Composition)

Prerequisite: Any two composition feats.

Benefit: You gain an additional standard score. This score may be conducted for 3 rounds per day. If you have multiple composing classes, choose which class gets this new score.

Master of Harmonics (Composition)

Prerequisite: Master Composer, harmonicist level 10th.

Benefit: You gain an omniconducting pool as detailed in the omniconducting class feature. The number of points in your omniconducting pool is equal to 1.

Special: You can gain Master of Harmonics twice. The second time, the size of your omniconducting pool increases by +1.

Special: When a harmonicist with this feat reaches 20th level, he does not gain an omniconducting pool. Rather, the size of his omniconducting pool simply increases by +5.

Score Focus (Composition)

Prerequisite: Favored Score

Benefit: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws called for by compositions in your favored score.

Score Focus, Greater (Composition)

Prerequisite: Score Focus

Benefit: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws called for by compositions in your favored score. This bonus stacks with the bonus from Score Focus. Additionally, you may conduct your favored score for an additional two rounds per day.

Songbomber (Composition)

Prerequisite: Songbomb pool class feature.

Benefit: The size of your songbomb pool increases by +2.

Special: You can gain Songbomber multiple times.

Sudden Inspiration (Composition)

Prerequisite: Know any one musica sacra or opus.

Benefit: Once per day whenever you begin to conduct a standard score, you may substitute any one melody in that score for any one other melody that takes up the same number of melody slots. This substitution persists for the duration of the performance.