Ethermagus VMC

A character who selects ethermagus as his secondary class gains the following secondary class features.

Void Blade: At 3rd level, he gains the void blade class feature as an ethermagus of half his character level, rounded down.

Voidmeld: At 7th level, he gains the following modified voidmeld etherheart. In addition, choose two 1st-level voidmeld manifestations. He gains the chosen manifestations.

Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw as manifestation;
Spell Resistance no
EP Cost 0

An etherspell with this etherheart affects the character’s void blade directly and cannot be cast if the void blade is not being actively wielded by the caster. If a void blade is dismissed, all voidmeld etherspells affecting it are also dismissed. Similarly, if the void blade is ever outside the range of this spell, an etherspell with this etherheart ends immediately. Unlike most etherspells, casting an etherspell with the voidmeld etherheart is a swift action.

A single manifestation can be added to this etherheart, and the EP cost of that manifestation is set to 0. Only one voidmeld etherspell can be active at a time. Once a particular manifestation has been used as part of a voidmeld etherspell, it cannot be used again for 4 hours.

Void Shield: At 11th level, he gains the void shield class feature.

Improved Voidmeld: At 15th level, choose two 2nd-level voidmeld manifestations. He gains the chosen manifestations.

Improved Void Blade: At 19th level, he has an effective ethermagus level equal to his character level for the purpose of the void blade class feature.

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