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Martial Traditions


In addition to the usual choices of race and class, the Spheres of Might system introduces another important decision a player may make to personalize their character: the selection of a martial tradition.

A martial tradition is a set of proficiencies and beginning sphere talents that represents what, where, and how that character learned the art of martial combat. While no martial tradition presented below would be devastating for any player to possess, a game master is well within his rights to declare that, in any particular game setting, certain traditions are tied to a particular military or culture, and are only available to characters belonging to those groups. Indeed, martial traditions are a great way to customize a campaign setting and allow warriors from different cultures to truly feel unique from each other.

Some classes grant a martial tradition as part of their proficiencies, but characters who do not may choose to trade their starting proficiencies (other than simple weapons, light armor, and bucklers, if applicable) for a martial tradition at 1st level, as long as their normal starting proficiencies include proficiency with all martial weapons or at least one exotic weapon (this does not include clerics whose deity’s favored weapon is an exotic weapon or similar features that modify starting proficiencies based on other character choices). Some classes who do not gain proficiency with all martial weapons but whose class description implies a strong martial background may trade their starting proficiencies for a martial tradition with GM approval.

Once a character has gained a martial tradition, they do not gain additional proficiencies for multiclassing, and characters who have already gained proficiencies from a class cannot benefit from martial traditions gained through multiclassing.

Unless specifically noted otherwise, a character can only gain a single martial tradition, and can only select one as a 1st level character; creatures with racial Hit Dice may gain a martial tradition when they take their first level in a character class, but they lose the benefits of any racial proficiencies they may possess (not including natural weapons).

As always, if a martial tradition grants a sphere or talent which a character also gains through a class feature, they may instead gain a talent of their choice from that sphere. If a martial tradition grants a feat or talent that would normally have prerequisites, the character does not need to meet those prerequisites to benefit from it.

Sections marked “variable” allow the character to select between different talents.

Creating New Martial Traditions

Martial traditions are not simply collections of talents, but are designed to enable character concepts. The martial traditions listed below cover a great many concepts, but there are many more possibilities then are presented below. If a game master (or a player with game master permission) wishes to create a unique martial tradition, they should use the following guidelines.

1. Each martial tradition should include two Equipment talents, typically with at least one discipline, Armor Training, or Shield Training. These determine the weapons, armor, and other equipment a character has available to them (if any).

2. Each martial tradition should include either an appropriate base sphere, or the option to choose between 2 base spheres. The exact appropriateness of any given base sphere depends on the concept.

3. Each tradition should also include one additional thematic talent. This could be a bonus talent in the sphere you gained as part of step 2, an additional base sphere, or perhaps an Equipment talent that is not a discipline but works with the character concept in some way.

In addition, there are a few things that, unless the game master rules otherwise, should be avoided when creating a new martial tradition.

1: Over-specializing in a single sphere other than Equipment. A martial tradition determines a character’s starting tools and characteristics; not only does over-specializing produce a one-dimensional character that is often boring to play, but it can also produce characters with large weaknesses that are unable to contribute to the game outside of their single specialty.

2: Over-specializing in either offensive or defensive talents. This is similar to issue 1; over-specializing in any one direction produces unbalanced characters with glaring weaknesses that make them difficult to play and often leaves them unable to contribute.

As always, the above guidelines may be broken with GM permission, and even some of the traditions listed below break one or more of these rules. As always, martial traditions are a tool for enhancing the game, and are subservient to that goal.

Martial Traditions

Animal Trainer

Animal trainers fight alongside tamed beasts, wielding the tools used for capturing and training their pets in battle.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Bounty Hunter’s Tools
  • Beastmastery sphere (Handle Animal) package
  • Variable: Animal trainers may select two additional talents, each chosen from either the Beastmastery sphere or the Equipment sphere.

Armored Dreadnought

Armored Dreadnoughts specialize in wielding massive shields and titanic suits of armor that would crush lesser men under their enormous weight.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Armor Training, Shield Training
  • Variable: Armored dreadnoughts gains two talents of their choice from the Equipment sphere.


Barbarians are tribal warriors who cultivate their rage for use in combat. Skilled at both hunting and warfare, Barbarians are deadly, versatile fighters. Depending on the traditions of their tribe, a barbarian might fight alongside war animals or focus on their rage, breaking their weapons as often as their enemies with their mighty blows.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Tribal training
  • Berserker sphere
  • Scout sphere
  • Variable: Barbarians gain either the Barroom sphere or the Beastmastery sphere.

Bolt Juggler

Bolt jugglers are a sight to behold, awe-inspiring on the training ground and dread-inspiring on the battleground. While some use their crossbows to compliment a melee weapon, others wield two crossbows at once in a dizzying display of coordination.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Mechanical Training
  • Dual Wielding sphere
  • Variable: Bolt jugglers gain either Expert Reloading or Mechanical Savant from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Bolt jugglers gain either Impossible Reload or Mixed Assault from the Dual Wielding sphere.

Bushido Warrior

Training in the bushido way includes learning how to wear the ceremonial armor of your station, as well as wield weapons like the katana and longbow. Some bushido warriors also train in horsemanship, while others perfect the art of single combat.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Armor Training, Bushido Training
  • Duelist sphere
  • Variable: Followers of the bushido way gain either the Beastmastery base sphere (Ride package), or Draw Cut from the Duelist sphere.

Canny Hunter

Canny hunters are skilled marksmen and trackers, capable of spotting a creature’s weaknesses and felling them with a single well placed shot.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Huntsman Training
  • Scout sphere
  • Sniper sphere
  • Variable: Canny hunters gain one additional talent of their choice from either the Equipment sphere or Scout sphere.


Chemists who go adventuring often find the bottle makes as good of a weapon as what might be inside it.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Fast Draw
  • Alchemy sphere (formulae package)
  • Barroom sphere
  • Variable: Chemists gain one additional talent of their choice from either the Barroom sphere or Alchemy sphere.

Combat Gunner

Guns aren’t the most friendly of weapons, making the efforts of combat gunners all the more impressive. Willing to duck and weave into melee combat as well as fire from a distance, these masters of close and long range combat lack any fear.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Firearm Proficiency, Gun Kata
  • Open Hand sphere
  • Variable: Combat gunners gain either Barrage sphere or Sniper sphere.


Courtesans are students of courtly manners and artistic pursuits, and are often experts at painting, dancing, music, and engaging conversation. In a world of magic and court intrigue, courtesans are often also trained as bodyguards and assassins.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Dancer Training, Unarmored Training
  • Fencing sphere
  • Variable: Courtesans gain either the Dual Wielding sphere or a talent from the Fencing sphere.

Cunning Leader

The battlefield is an ever shifting place, causing chaos and anarchy to reign supreme. Only a cunning leader is able to properly navigate the terrain, commanding their troops while controlling the flow of combat in a way unique to them.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: One (discipline) talent of their choice
  • Fencing sphereExpert Feint
  • Warleader sphere

Crushing Juggernaut

Crushing juggernauts specialize in using their bulk and the mass of their heavy armor to grind their opponents into dust.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Armor Training
  • Brute sphere
  • Variable: Crushing juggernauts gain a bonus talent of their choice from both the Brute sphere and the Equipment sphere.

Daring Scholar

While many adventurers train with weapons and armor to protect them from the dangers of their chosen lifestyle, others trust in their wits and ingenuity to keep them safe. Daring scholars use a combination of explosive chemical compounds and careful observation to overcome any challenge, considering a spyglass and an alchemist’s lab to be a preferable burden to a knight’s heavy plate.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Staff Mastery
  • Alchemy sphere
  • Scout sphere
  • Variable: Daring scholars gain a talent from either the Alchemy or Scout sphere.

Decisive Fist

Disciples of the decisive fist prefer to end fights with one powerful punch. These inspired combatants coil up like a spring, choosing the perfect moment to disrupt their foes with a brutal blow.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Critical Genius
  • Boxing sphere
  • Open Hand sphere
  • Variable: Decisive fists gain either Finesse Fighting, Unarmed Training, or Unarmored Training from the Equipment sphere.

Dedicated Duelist

Dedicated duelists are individuals devoted to the art of the duel. Whether they simply revel in the art of single combat, or if they believe that they can prevent larger battles by risking their life alone, these deadly men and women are focused and skilled in the tools of their chosen trade.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Duelist Training, Finesse Fighting
  • Variable: Dedicated duelists gain either the Duelist sphere or Fencing sphere
  • Variable: Dedicated duelists gain either Gauntlet Shield or Unarmored Training from the Equipment sphere.

Drunken Brawler

Only a “tradition” in the vaguest sense of the word, drunken brawlers tend to learn their arts at the hands of other drunken brawlers, usually through an alcohol induced fog while their “teacher” attempts to put them through a bar. Or a wall. Or a ceiling. Occasionally a door.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Unarmed Training
  • Barroom sphere
  • Wrestling sphere
  • Variable: Drunken brawlers gain a talent of their choice from either the Barroom or Wrestling sphere.

Fearless Thrower

From small blades to large spears, fearless throwers are adept at launching any such items into the air. Able to push the limits of thrown weapons far beyond what others can, they fill the air with a hail of knives, hammers, and spears.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Huntsman Training, Throwing Mastery
  • Variable: Fearless throwers either gain Crushing Thrower or Thrower’s Reflexes from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Fearless throwers gain either the Barrage sphere or the Berserker sphere.

Free Runner

Free runners treat the world as their gymnasium, practicing wild acrobatics, running on and leaping from surfaces most wouldn’t consider even climbing.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: none
  • Athletics sphere (run) package, Expanded Training (leap) and one other package, Wall Stunt
  • Variable: Free runners gain a talent of their choice from the Athletics sphere.


Creatures who are larger than their peers often learn to fight in fashions leveraging their enormous size, shoving their enemies around the battlefield and hurling objects far too large for their enemies to handle.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Rock Toss
  • Brute sphere
  • Variable: Giants gain a talent of their choice from both the Brute sphere and the Equipment sphere.


Trained in the tradition of pure physical prowess, gladiators are known for their ability to overpower lesser combatants, imposing their will upon lesser warriors. There are many different varieties of gladiator, but all of them specialize in putting on shows worthy of an emperor.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Gladiator Training
  • Gladiator sphere
  • Variable: Gladiators gain either Armor Training, Shield Training, or Gladiator Training a second time from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Gladiators gain a talent of their choice from the Gladiator sphere.

Guild Training

While many combatants learn their arts in courtyards, dojos, or monasteries, those who learn through criminal guilds tend to have many masters, none more cruel and informative than experience. Whether their skills are assembled through observing more experienced thieves and thugs, or beaten into them by uncaring assassins who care more for their guild’s reputation than the well-being of its members, the guild trained who survive their training are invariably deadly, fast, and cunning.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Finesse Fighting, Rogue Weapon Training
  • Alchemy sphere (poison) package
  • Variable: Individuals trained in the Guild Training tradition gain either the Fencing sphere or the Duelist sphere.

Heavy Armsman

A heavy armsman specializes in using hammers, axes, and other large weapons to bring down even larger foes.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Dwarven Heritage, Armor Training
  • Berserker sphere
  • Variable: Individuals trained in the Heavy Armsman tradition gain one Equipment or Berserker talent of their choice.

Knightly Arts

Training in the knightly arts includes learning how to wear and maneuver in chainmail, full plate, and other armor designed for warriors who fight in the vanguard, as well as learning how to wield weapons suitable for such combat. In addition, most knights are trained in horsemanship and the art of leadership.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Armor Training, Knightly Training, Shield Training
  • Variable: Individuals trained in the Knightly Arts tradition gain either the Beastmastery sphere (ride) package, the Warleader sphere, or the Shield sphere as a bonus sphere.


A mechanic is an engineer or craftsman adept at the working of machines and other complex systems. While not all engineers will go adventuring, those who do find their knowledge can be remarkably valuable to their allies.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Expert Reloading
  • Trap sphere
  • Variable: Mechanics gain either Firearm Training or Mechanical Training from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Mechanics gain either the Barrage sphere or the Sniper sphere.


Militias often rise in communities without the benefit of a formal military, where peasants of all stripes might one day have to take up arms in defense of their homes. While few militiamen have the benefits of formal war training, many are skilled at hunting, tracking, and handling animals, which can be quite handy in times of war.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Peasant Training
  • Beastmastery sphere (Handle Animal) package
  • Scout sphere
  • Variable: Individuals with militia training gain a Equipment talent of their choice.

Monastic Path

Those who would seek enlightenment through contemplation hone their bodies and minds alike. Followers of the monastic path train with a wide variety of challenging weapons, learning truths in every new combat technique and finding greater mysteries as they stretch their boundaries.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Monk Weapon Training, Staff Mastery
  • Open Hand sphere
  • Variable: Individuals trained in the Monastic Path tradition gain either the Athletics sphere or the Dual Wielding sphere.


Shadowy warriors learn underhanded combat styles, using everything at their disposal to level the playing field against superior forces. Those trained in ninjutsu combine grace with subterfuge, confident in the knowledge that disrupting their opponents shall defeat them even before blood is shed.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Finesse Fighting, Monk Weapon Training
  • Scoundrel sphere
  • Variable: Individuals trained in the Ninjutsu tradition gain either the Scout sphere or the Trap sphere.

Phalanx Soldier

The phalanx is a group of soldiers who combine spears and shields to create an impenetrable wall of death. Even when not flanked by their brothers-in-arms, a phalanx soldier is still a deadly force on any battlefield.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Shield Training, Spear Dancer
  • Shield sphere
  • Variable: Phalanx soldiers gain either Finesse Fighting from the Equipment sphere or a talent of their choice from the Shield sphere.


Pikemen are soldiers who specialize in using polearms to take down enemy cavalry and to keep enemies at a safe distance.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Pikeman Training, Polearm Mastery
  • Lancer sphere
  • Variable: Pikemen gain either the Guardian sphere or a talent of their choice from the Lancer sphere.

Pit Fighter

Like the gladiator or professional wrestler, the pit fighter puts on shows for money. However, unlike those other prize fighters, in the pits there are few grand traditions and even fewer rules; whoever’s alive at the end of the match is the winner.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Unarmed Training
  • Boxing sphere
  • Gladiator sphere
  • Variable: Pit fighters gain one talent of their choice from either the Boxing sphere or the Gladiator sphere.


Pirates learn to fight on the decks of ships, where one must be both fast and light in order to avoid being shot or drowned.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Pirate Training, Unarmored Training
  • Fencing sphere
  • Variable: Pirates gain either the Duelist sphere or the Athletics sphere.

Professional Wrestler

Professional wrestlers are equal parts showman and combatant. Whether using pain-wracking joint locks or high-flying aerial maneuvers, these skilled individuals revel in their own physical might, relishing the applause that follows a particularly daring stunt.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Unarmored Training
  • Gladiator sphere
  • Wrestling sphere
  • Variable: Professional wrestlers gain one talent of their choice from either the Wrestling sphere or the Gladiator sphere.

Ruin Delver

Ruin delving requires quick wits and even quicker reflexes. With a backpack full of gear and a half-baked plan, ruin delvers live by the seat of their pants as they explore the leavings of past civilizations looking for what knowledge and artifacts they can recover.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Toolkit Training
  • Athletics sphere (Climb) package, Rope Swing
  • Variable: Ruin delvers gain a talent of their choice from the Equipment sphere.

Shield Master

Shield masters are expert defenders, relying on their shields to defend both themselves and their allies. While some shield masters couple their shields with traditional weapons, others focus so exclusively on their shields that they become as much a weapon as a tool of defense, instead relying on brute force to knock their enemies around the battlefield and keep their allies out of danger.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Shield Training
  • Shield sphere
  • Variable: Shield masters gain either the Brute sphere or a talent of their choice from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Shield masters gain a talent of their choice from the Shield sphere.

Staff Master

Whether they are magicians using magic staves as bludgeons or spearmen of exquisite skill, for some all that’s needed is speed and a stick to overcome most foes.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Finesse Fighting, Spear Dancer, Staff Mastery, Unarmored Training

Steppe Rider

Training on the harsh steppes breeds talented warriors. Whether fierce raiders or guarded nomads, steppe riders are trained in horseback archery, relying on precision and mobility in place of bulky armor or heavy melee weapons.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Outrider Training, Shortbow Mastery
  • Beastmastery sphere (ride) package
  • Variable: Steppe riders gain either the Barrage sphere or the Sniper sphere.

Stone Thrower

Masters of the humble sling learn that versatility is key to survival, and a skilled stone thrower quickly learns to use their slings in almost any situation, making them deadly at any range.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Halfling Heritage, Sling Combatant
  • Barrage sphere
  • Variable: Stone throwers gain a talent of their choice from the Barrage sphere.

Street Fighter

Street fighters learn combat in fights with no rules; where fakeouts and a handful of sand are all that stand between winning and losing.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Unarmed Training
  • Brute sphere
  • Scoundrel sphere
  • Variable: Street fighters gain a talent of their choice from either the Brute sphere or the Scoundrel sphere.

Tattooed Warrior

Tattooed warriors turn their bodies into weapons through the use of magic symbols engraved onto their very flesh.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Unarmed Training, Unarmored Training
  • Bonus Feats: Dragon’s Tattoos, Zodiac Tattoos
  • Special: Tattooed warriors gain 1 bonus skill point that must be spent on Craft (tattoos) each time they gain a level in any class.


Thieves avoid fair fights whenever possible. Their favorite tactic is to take their opponents unaware, but barring that, a dirty trick or a well-placed feint will let them end the fight quickly.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Rogue Weapon Training
  • Scoundrel sphere
  • Fencing sphere
  • Variable: Thieves gain either an Equipment talent of their choice, or a talent from the Scoundrel or Fencing spheres.

Tempest Dancer

Wielding double-bladed weapons that others find impossible
to master, tempest dancers are known for their ability to carve through through enemy ranks, their fluid movements beguiling even the most observant opponents.
Bonus Talents:

  • Equipment: Double Weapon Training, Dual Wielding sphere
  • Variable: Tempest dancers gain either the Armor Training, Unarmored Training, or Finesse Fighting from the Equipment sphere.
  • Variable: Tempest Dancers gain a talent of their choice from the Dual Wielding sphere


The path of the warden is one of a stalwart protector, often employed as bodyguards or garrisoned soldiers. These warriors know that defense is the best offense, especially when you have friends to outflank your foes.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Armor Training, Shield Training
  • Guardian sphere
  • Shield sphere

Weapon Master

Most warriors learn the art of combat in pursuit of a goal, such as serving in the army or to protect themselves while traveling. For the weapon master, mastery of combat is its own reward, and many will seek out exotic weapons and obscure disciplines simply for the joy of having learned them.

Bonus Talents

  • Equipment: Weapon masters gain two discipline talents of their choice as bonus talents.
  • Duel Wielding sphere
  • Variable: Weapon masters gain a talent of their choice from the Dual Wielding sphere.

Sphere-Specific Drawbacks

Sphere-specific drawbacks must be chosen when a practitioner first gains the associated sphere, and grant the practitioner an extra combat talent in the prerequisite sphere. Drawbacks may be removed in place of gaining a new talent through your class progression or by taking the Extra Combat Talent feat.


Hippocratic Oath (Requires Poison Package)

Your poisons can only be used in conjunction with (toxin) talents that grant beneficial effects, and you must choose the Anesthetic Dosage talent with the bonus talent granted by this drawback.


Limited Athleticism

You do not gain a package. You must choose the Moving Target talent with the bonus talent gained from this drawback.


Wild Shooter

You do not gain the +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls against targets within 30 ft. normally granted by the Barrage sphere, and instead suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls instead. You must take Suppressing Fire with the bonus talent gained from this drawback.



You do not gain the brutal breaker ability. You cannot possess both this and the Teetotaler drawback. You gain Double Chug with this drawback.


You do not gain the hard drinker ability, and cannot gain the drunk status nor select (drunk) talents. You cannot possess both this and the Alcoholic drawback. You gain Barroom Expert with this drawback.


Monster Tamer (Requires Handle Animal Package)

You may not use your trainer ability on creatures of the animal type. Choose one creature type other than the animal type. If a (beastmastery) talent specifies a creature of the animal type, it instead applies t o your chosen type. You must take Broad Skills with the bonus talent from this drawback, though you may not affect creatures of a type other than your chosen type unless this drawback is bought off.

Offensive Rider (Requires Ride Package)

You do not gain the defensive rider ability. You gain Skirmish Rider with this drawback.



Your brutal strikes do not inflict the battered conditions on foes. You gain Sanguine Invigoration with this drawback.


You cannot expend focus to increase the damage of your brutal strikes. You gain Extended Exertion with this drawback.


Defensive Pugilist

You do not gain the counter punch ability from the Boxing sphere and cannot select (counter) talents. You must take Tight Guard with the bonus talent gained from this drawback.



You do not gain the shove ability. You must take the Muscular Surge talent with the bonus talent granted by this drawback.

Dual Wielding

Guarded Shooter

You do not gain the dual attack ability. You gain Mixed Assault with this drawback.

Versatile Weapon-Wielder

You do not gain the dual attack ability. You gain Paired Proficiency with this drawback.


Bloody Slasher

You do not gain the ability to perform disarm maneuvers without provoking attacks of opportunity against bleeding targets. You may not take (disarm) talents. You must take Long Cuts as the bonus talent gained from taking this drawback. You cannot have both this and the Disarming Duelist drawback.

Disarming Duelist

You do not gain the ability to deal bleed damage with attacks and disarm attempts from the Duelist base sphere. You cannot take talents with the (bleed) descriptor. You must take Bind Weapon as the bonus talent gained from taking this drawback.



You do not gain the bonus precision damage from the Fencing sphere. You may not take (exploit) talents, and must take Expert Feint with the bonus talent you receive from this drawback.



You do not gain ranks in Intimidate from the base sphere, do not gain the demoralization ability nor the Strike Fear demoralization and cannot select (demoralization) talents. You gain Self Confidence with this drawback. You may not possess both this and the Humble Combatant drawback.

Humble Combatant

You do not gain the boast ability nor the Prowess boast and cannot select (boast) talents. You gain Uncowed with this drawback. You may not possess both this and the Braggart drawback.


Indifferent Defender

You do not get to select a Guardian package. You gain Greater Delayed Damage with this drawback. You may not possess both this and the Without Delay drawback.

Without Delay

You do not gain a delayed damage pool and may not select any talent which relies on the delayed damage pool. You must take Swift Guardian with this drawback. You may not possess both this and the Indifferent Defender drawback.


Clumsy Stabber

You do not gain the ability to impale a creature. You may not take talents with the (impale) descriptor. You gain Whirlwind Knockdown with this drawback.

Open Hand

Savage Combatant

You do not gain the sweep ability. You must take Tear Flesh as the bonus talent gained from taking this drawback.


Natural Rogue

You do not gain the swift hands ability. You gain Master Thief with this drawback.


Hidden Eyes

You do not gain the scout ability of the Scout sphere. You cannot take talents which rely on the Scout ability. You must take Active Camouflage as the bonus talent gained from taking this drawback.


Passive Blocker

You do not gain the active defense ability and cannot take (deflect) talents or other talents that require the use of active defense. You gain Deflecting Shield with this drawback.


Close Quarters Shooter

You may only perform a deadly shot within the first range increment of your ranged weapons, and treat the range increment of any ranged weapon used when making a deadly shot as 30 ft., unless it would normally be lower. You must take Push Shot with the bonus talent granted by this drawback.


Battle Trapper

You may not set traps. You must select the Trap Wielder talent with the bonus talent gained from this drawback. You may not have both this and the Slow Worker drawback.

Focused Trapper

Choose either dart or snare traps. You may not place or otherwise use traps of the chosen type. You must take Trapper’s Recovery with this drawback.

Slow Worker

You must take at least one minute to set up a trap. You must take Persistent Trap with the bonus talent gained from this drawback, and suffer the limitations of that talent whenever you set a trap. You may not have both this and the Battle Trapper drawback.



You do not gain the tactic ability. You cannot take (tactics) talents. You must take Frightful Roar with the bonus talent gained through this drawback.

Meek Leader

You do not gain the shout ability. You cannot take (shout) talents. You must take Courier’s Dash with the bonus talent gained through this drawback.



You do not gain the snag ability of the Wrestling sphere and must take Last Chance Grapple with the bonus talent granted by taking this drawback.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Spheres of Might, © 2017, Drop Dead Studios LLC; Authors: Adam Meyers, Michael Sayre, Andrew Stoeckle, N. Jolly