Gunfighter (Gunslinger Archetype)

Gunfighters are old hands at battle, using their firearms to fight equally well at range or in a clinch. Whether shooting a foe while ducking for cover or smashing in an opponent’s teeth with the butt of a pistol to buy some breathing room, gunfighters never fail to make their presence felt by their foes.

Armor and Weapon Proficiencies

Gunfighters are proficient with simple weapons, all firearms, and light armor. In addition, if this is this character’s first level in any class, they may select a martial tradition of their choice.

This modifies weapon and armor proficiencies.

Combat Training (Ex)

A gunfighter is considered an adept practitioner, gaining spheres and talents as appropriate. Gunfighters use Wisdom as their practitioner modifier; gunfighters who use an ability modifier other than Wisdom to determine their grit pool instead use that ability modifier. This replaces the gunslinger’s martial weapon proficiency, and the dead shot, bleeding wound, and menacing shot deeds.

Gun Strike

At 3rd level, the gunfighter gains Gun Kata from the Equipment sphere, even if she would not normally qualify for it. If the gunfighter already possesses Gun Kata, she may instead select any one combat talent she qualifies for.

This replaces the pistol-whip deed.

Rapid Targeting

At 7th level, the gunfighter may use her targeting deed as an attack action.

This ability modifies the targeting deed.

Up Close and Personal (Ex)

Whenever the gunfighter successfully makes a ranged attack against an opponent while that opponent is threatening her, she regains 1 grit point. This replaces the bonus feat normally gained at 8th level.

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