Wintry Gasp

Discipline: psychokinesis [cold]; Level: psychic warrior 2


Display: Material, visual
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action


Range: personal
Target: you; see text
Duration: One round; see text
Saving Throw: None; Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 3


Make a single melee attack as part of manifesting this power. If the attack hits, the target is immobilized and cannot physically move from the spot until the end of their next turn.

In addition, until the end of your next turn, all of your attacks instead deal cold damage.

Augment: For every additional 4 power points spent, the effects of this power last an additional round.

Section 15: Copyright Notice
Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide. Copyright 2011, Dreamscarred Press; Authors: Jeremy Smith and Andreas Rönnqvist.
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