Psionic Talents

Table: Linked Talents

1st Level Power Linked Talent
Astral Traveler Know Direction and Location
Attraction Distract
Astral Construct Ectoplasmic Trinket
Bolt Ectoplasmic Trinket
Burst Float
Call to Mind Detect Psionics
Catfall Float
Control Flames Crystal Light
Control Light Crystal Light
Control Object Far Hand
Crystal Shard Crystal Light
Deceleration Float
Déjà Vu Telepathic Lash
Demoralize Distract
Destiny Dissonance Telepathic Lash
Dissipating Touch Telekinetic Punch
Ecto Protection Ectoplasmic Trinket
Ectoplasmic Creation Ectoplasmic Trinket
Ectoplasmic Sheen Ectoplasmic Trinket
Empathic Connection Empathy
Empty Mind Conceal Thoughts
Energy Ray Energy Splash
Entangling Ectoplasm Ectoplasmic Trinket
Force Screen Far Hand
Hammer Telekinetic Punch
Inertial Armor Far Hand
Matter Agitation Crystal Light
Mind Thrust Telepathic Lash
Mindlink Missive
Precognition Detect Psionics
Precognition, Defensive Detect Psionics
Precognition, Offensive Detect Psionics
Prescience, Offensive Detect Psionics
Sense Link Empathy
Skate Float
Synesthete My Light
Telempathic Projection Empathy
Thicken Skin Vim
Vigor Vim

Talents are 0th-level psionic powers that are powered by psionic focus, rather than power points. These abilities give manifesters minor abilities that can be used at-will, but typically have very limited functionality or use. Talents are typically used as a way to train manifesters to avoid depleting the power point reserve.

A manifester may manifest any talent that he knows without paying power points as long as he maintains psionic focus. However, if the talent has a duration longer than instantaneous, he can only have one such talent active at a time; manifesting another talent without paying power points in this manner causes the original talent to immediately expire.

A manifester may also manifest a talent by paying one power point, regardless of whether psionic focus is held; these do not cause any other active talents to lapse and may be augmented if the power description indicates such.

Talents can only be augmented if the manifester spends 1 power point on the manifestation in addition to any power points spent augmenting the power.

Manifesters select talents from their class’s power list.

Implementing Talents

Unlike the spellcasting classes, manifesters did not receive 0-level powers with the release of Psionics Unleashed. To implement these abilities into your game, you can mix or match from the options below or devise your own system to introduce talents.

Automatic: Manifesting classes automatically gain talents, similar to how spellcasters automatically gain cantrips or orisons. In this option, manifesters should receive talents at 1st level according to the list below.

For any other manifesting classes, use the list above as a guideline to determine how many talents they should receive.

Linked Talents: Certain 1st level powers automatically grant an associated talent (see below). Some talents are associated to multiple powers. If a character selects a power with an associated talent he already knows, he may select a different talent to gain.

Retroactive Talents: Manifesters may already know powers now available as talents. These characters may select four additional talents in addition to keeping the talents they already have.

Swap With Power Known: When a manifester picks a power known, he may opt instead to select five psionic talents. Using this option, the manifester will know one fewer psionic power.

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