Discipline psychokinesis (water); Level kineticist 4


Display olfactory and auditory
Manifesting Time 1 standard action


Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Area water in a volume of 10 ft./level by 10 ft./level by 2 ft./level (S)
Duration 10 min./level (D), see text
Saving Throw none; see text; Power Resistance no
Power Points 7


You force water into or out of an area, raising or lowering the water level. The first version of this power causes water in the area to swiftly evaporate or to sink into the ground below, lowering the water’s depth. The second version causes the water to surge and rise, increasing its overall depth and possibly flooding nearby areas.

Lower water: This causes water or similar liquid to reduce its depth by as much as 2 feet per caster level (to a minimum depth of 1 inch). The water is lowered within a squarish depression whose sides are up to manifester level x 10 feet long. In extremely large and deep bodies of water, such as a deep ocean, the power creates a whirlpool that sweeps ships and similar craft downward, putting them at risk and rendering them unable to leave by normal movement for the duration of the power. When cast on water elementals and other water-based creatures, this power staggers them for 1 round/level (Will negates). The power has no effect on other creatures.

Raise water: This causes water or similar liquid to rise in height, just as the lower water version causes it to lower. Boats raised in this way slide down the sides of the hump that the spell creates. If the area affected by the power includes riverbanks, a beach, or other land nearby, the water can spill over onto dry land. This power can be used to call up water that is not in its liquid state (for example, melting underground ice and bringing it to the surface, or transforming water vapor to condense).

With either version of this power, you may reduce one horizontal dimension by half and double the other horizontal dimension to change the overall area of effect.

Augment: This power can be augmented in the following ways:

  1. For every 4 power points you spend, the area of this power doubles in one dimension.
  2. If you expend 4 additional power points, you may use this power on liquid other than water, such as oil, magma, or slag. Effects are modified to accommodate this (for example, a creature with magma for blood may be affected as a water elemental).
  3. If you spend 2 additional power points, you may use the raise water effect of this power even if there is no water (or other material being used) present.
  4. If you spend 8 additional power points, you may siphon water from plant life and living creatures within range of this power when using lower water. Subjects that you choose to siphon water from take 1d6 points of damage for every power point spent on this power, or 1d8 if they are water elementals or plant creatures. Creatures are allowed a fortitude save to halve this damage.
  5. If you spend 8 additional power points, you may manipulate water you have raised with raise water as a standard action so long as you concentrate. The water moves up to thirty feet per round. The mass of water possesses the engulf special ability, automatically engulfing any creature or object that it moves over and that fits within its dimensions. The Reflex save DC of engulf is equal to the saving throw of this power, and engulfed creatures take 8d6 points of damage per round while engulfed.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Arcforge: Technology Expanded © 2018, Legendary Games; Authors: Matt Daley, Michael Sayre.

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