Coded Incarnation

Discipline telepathy; Level psion/wilder 8, tactician 8, vitalist 8


Display material, auditory
Manifesting Time 24 hours


Range touch
Target one creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw see text; Power Resistance no
Power Points 15


A creature’s psyche, with all of the abilities and experiences that it contains, is transformed into an artificial intelligence and encoded into a storage device. Such a device, such as a compact AI core or robot which your artificial intelligence will inhabit, must be present at the time of this manifestation, as must be the creature from which you are copying the information. An unwilling robot is allowed a will save to avoid being taken over by the new AI.

The AI created by this power possesses the same Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores as the creature from which it is made, and possesses all of the base creature’s skills, supernatural abilities, saves, feats, and class features (including the ability to manifest powers). The AI’s CR is equal to the base creature’s effective class level. The AI gains no additional skills, feats, languages, or special abilities from the Artificial Intelligence creature type. However, the AI is free-willed, and the manifester has no control over its actions. However, being a replication of the mind of another creature, the AI is normally inclined to act in the same way and possess the same alignment as the creature it was created from.

Like most AIs, those created by this power lack a physical composition, and cannot act without a host body that they can inhabit. This host must be either a computer system of some sort or a robot the AI is controlling.

Once the AI is completed, the original creature’s mind ceases to function. The creature cannot be raised or resurrected so long as the AI created by this power exists.

Augment: This power can be augmented in the following ways:

  1. If you spend 4 additional power points, you may use this power to copy an existing AI or create a copy of a creature’s mind, rather than transferring it. The original AI or creature remains in its body or other storage device, with a replica being created in the storage device the manifester chooses. Using the power in this way requires 15,000 gp worth of expensive mechanical and psionic components.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Arcforge: Technology Expanded © 2018, Legendary Games; Authors: Matt Daley, Michael Sayre.

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