Psychic Reformation

Discipline telepathy [mind-affecting]; Level gifted blade 4, psion/wilder 4, tactician 4


Display Auditory, mental, and visual
Manifesting Time 10 minutes


Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target One creature
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points 7


When this power is manifested, the subject can choose to spend its most recently gained skill ranks differently (picking new skills and abandoning old ones if it chooses) and to choose a different feat from the one it selected when advancing from its previous level to its current level.

The subject can also choose to forget powers or spells it acquired when advancing to its current level, replacing them with new ones.

The subject can undo decisions of these sorts that were made at lower levels, although he suffers increased penalties the farther back he goes to undo decisions. The subject must abide by the standard rules for selecting skills and feats, and so it cannot take feats for which it doesn’t qualify. Any change made must have been available at the level selected. For example, a 7th level Psion who uses this power to change a 2nd level power gained at 3rd level Psion cannot select a 4th level power to replace it – he must choose a 1st or 2nd level power.

The subject is not limited to changing only a single level’s choices should he decide to undo decisions from prior levels. Every level between his current level and the earliest level may be altered, so long as the choices made were valid at the appropriate level.

If the subject goes farther back than the changes from the previous level to its current level, the subject suffers a cumulative –1 penalty on all ability checks, attack rolls, combat maneuver checks, Combat Maneuver Defense, saving throws, and skill checks for each level back the power changes. In addition, the creature reduces its current and total hit points by 5 for each level back the power changes. The creature is also treated as one level lower for the purpose of level-dependent variables (such as spellcasting or manifesting) for each level back the power changes. These penalties last for 24 hours.

Augment This power may be augmented in either of the following ways.

  1. If you spend 2 additional power points, the penalties end after the subject rests for 8 hours.
  2. If you spend 6 additional power points, the subject does not suffer any penalties.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Psionics Unleashed. Copyright 2010, Dreamscarred Press.

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