Ectoplasmic Creation

Discipline Metacreativity (Creation); Level Shaper 1


Display Material
Manifesting Time 1 minute


Range 0 ft.
Effect Unattended, non-psionic, non-magical object of nonliving matter, up to 1 cu. ft./level
Duration 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points 1


You shape raw ectoplasm into a nonmagical, unattended object of nonliving, organic matter. The volume of the item created cannot exceed 1 cubic foot per manifester level. You must succeed on an appropriate Craft skill check to make a complex item. Attempting to use any created object as a material component for spells causes the spell to fail.

Ectoplasmic Creation, Major

Discipline Metacreativity (Creation); Level Psion/Wilder 5
Manifesting Time 10 minutes


Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Duration See text
Power Points 9


This power functions like ectoplasmic creation, except that you can also create an object of mineral nature: stone, crystal, metal, or the like. The duration of the created item varies with its relative hardness and rarity, as indicated on the following table.

Hardness and Rarity Examples Duration

Vegetable matter 2 hr./level

Stone, crystal, base metals 1 hr./level

Precious metals 20 min./level

Gems 10 min./level

Rare metal* 1 round/level

* Includes adamantine, alchemical silver, and mithral.

You can’t use major modify matter to create a cold iron item. Additional rare items are possible at the GM’s discretion, but should typically be limited to 1 round/level.

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Psionics Unleashed. Copyright 2010, Dreamscarred Press.

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