Discipline metacreativity; Level psion/wilder 5, tactician 5


Display Material
Manifesting Time 2 rounds


Range See text
Target, Effect, or Area See text
Duration Permanent; see text
Saving Throw None; Power Resistance No
Power Points 9


This power makes certain other powers permanent by mimicking the qualities of psionic tattoos. Depending on the power to be affected, you must be of a minimum manifester level and must expend a specific gp value of diamond dust and tattoo ink.

You can make the powers on the incarnate power list permanent only in regard to yourself, and must have a manifester level at least 8 higher than the level of the power to be made permanent. Powers made permanent in this way can be dispelled only by a manifester of higher level than you were when you manifested the power. Powers made permanent by incarnate are not shared through the fission power, and the effect does not end when fission ends.

You manifest the desired power and then follow it with the incarnate manifestation.

Additionally, at the GM’s discretion, additional powers may be made permanent using the following formula:

GP cost = (Minimum Manifester Level – 8) x 2,500 GP.

Table: Incarnate Power List

Incarnate Power List Power Minimum Manifester Level GP Cost

Aura sight 15th 17,500 GP

Conceal thoughts 9th 2,500 GP

Converse 10th 5,000 GP

Danger sense 13th 12,500 GP

Detect Psionics 9th 2,500 GP

Detect remote viewing 12th 10,000 GP

Detect teleportation 9th 2,500 GP

Elfsight 10th 5,000 GP

Heightened vision 13th 12,500 GP

Know direction and location 9th 2,500 GP

My light 9th 2,500 GP

Ubiquitous vision 11th 7,500 GP

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Psionics Unleashed. Copyright 2010, Dreamscarred Press.

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