Targeting Array (Psicrystal Archetype)

Although not the most common, some combat-savvy psionicists opt to utilize their psicrystal companions as active supporters in combat. These targeting arrays assist in analyzing the patterns of opponents and optimizing the accuracy of their master’s attacks.

Tactical Assistance (Ex)

A Targeting Array helps its master to analyze and defeat opponents in combat.

When it uses the aid another action, it may make an intelligence check against DC 10 in place of an attack roll.

This ability replaces the psicrystal’s personality bonus.

Improved Tactical Assistance (Ex)

At 3rd level, the Targeting Array gains one of the following feats as a bonus feat: Swift Aid, Open Up, Got Your Back, or Harrying Partners. The targeting array’s master also gains this feat. Neither of them needs to meet the feat’s prerequisites. If the targeting array’s master later gains another one of these feats, the psicrystal gains its benefit as well.

This ability replaces deliver touch powers.

Pinpoint Weakness (Ex)

Starting at 11th level, when the targeting array uses the aid another action on a creature to grant it a bonus on attack rolls, it also grants the creature an equal bonus on critical hit confirmation rolls made to resolve the attack.

This ability replaces power resistance.

Tactical Mastery (Ex)

At 15th level, whenever the targeting array uses the aid another action, it may grant the target a bonus equal to the targeting array’s intelligence modifier in place of the normal +2 bonus.

In addition, the targeting array may select another bonus feat from the improved tactical assistance list.

This ability replaces channel power.

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