Psionics is not an exact science, at least not with current understanding. Overchargers are living manifestations of this fact, defying the normal limits of technology by raw force of will and pushing technological equipment well beyond normal limits. Even a single overcharger armed with only rudimentary equipment can pose a threat to the best-armed opposition due to their uncanny ability.

Tech Surge (Su)

The overcharger gains the ability to amplify the capacity of technological equipment in a variety of ways. As a free action, the overcharger may apply one of the following bonuses to a piece of technological equipment she is using.

  • Increase an item’s provided bonus by +1.
  • Gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with a weapon for one round.
  • Increase a weapon’s damage die by 1 size category.
  • Increase an item’s save DC by 1.

At 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter, the benefits of this ability increase by an additional +1, to a maximum of +6 at 20th level. However, every time that an overcharger uses their tech surge ability, they have a 15% chance of suffering the effects of psychic enervation (as a normal wilder). For the effects of feats and other class features, tech surge is treated as the normal wilder’s wild surge ability.

This ability replaces wild surge.

Surge Bond

In addition to the normal list of surge bonds, an overcharger may select from the following surges:

Armsmaster Surge

Tech Surge and Psychic Enervation: An armsmaster overcharger specializes in channeling their abilities through weapons. Such a wilder treats her total tech surge as one higher for the purpose of determining bonuses given to technological weapons. An armsmaster overcharger who suffers psychic enervation causes all of their weapons to become glitched for one round and loses a number of power points equal to her manifester level.

Surge Bond: An armsmaster overcharger gains proficiency with a single weapon of their choice. They may choose “firearms” or “heavy weapons” as the type of weapon they are proficient with.

Improved Surge Bond: At 5th level, an armsmaster overcharger gains the ability to split their tech surge among two benefits. For example, a 5th level armsmaster who uses tech surge on a laser rifle could grant the laser rifle a +2 bonus on attack rolls and increase its damage die by one size.

At 9th level, an armsmaster can split their tech surge among three benefits. At 13th level, the armsmaster can split his tech surge among all four benefits. At 17th level, all four benefits are treated as being increased by the armsmaster’s maximum tech surge whenever he uses it on a weapon.

Malfunction Surge

Tech Surge and Psychic Enervation: A malfunction overcharger’s abilities have the unique effect of tampering with machinery. When a malfunction wilder uses their surge, All creatures carrying technological or psionic equipment within 10 feet of the wilder must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + half the wilder’s level + the overcharger’s charisma modifier) or have such equipment become nonfunctional for 1 round.

Unattended equipment automatically fails its save.

Surge Bond: The overcharger gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against psionic or technological effects.

Improved Surge Bond: At 5th level, the malfunction overcharger’s surge affects an area out to 20 feet, improving in range by 10 feet for every 4 levels thereafter (maximum 50 feet at 17th level).

In addition, the overcharger can negate the effects of malfunction surge on one creature or object at 5th level and an additional one for every 4 levels thereafter.

Pilot Surge

Tech Surge and Psychic Enervation: A pilot overcharger channels their abilities through a mech or vehicle to augment its capabilities. Such a wilder gains the ability to use their tech surge on any equipment that their mech or vehicle is carrying (this includes the mech or vehicle’s natural attacks).

A pilot wilder overcome by psychic enervation is dazed until the end of her next turn and loses a number of power points equal to her manifester level.

Surge Bond: A pilot overcharger gains either a bonded mech or companion vehicle at 1st level, using her overcharger level to determine their bonded mech or companion vehicle level.

Improved Surge Bond: At 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter, a pilot overcharger may select a reactor knight overdrive and gain the ability to use it with either her bonded mech or companion vehicle. For any ability that would use Wisdom, the overcharger instead uses her Charisma score.

Lasting Power (Su)

Starting at 4th level, whenever an overcharger uses their tech surge ability, they may choose one piece of technological equipment they are carrying. For a number of rounds equal to the intensity of the Tech Surge, this piece of equipment does not lose charges when used. At 12th level and every 8 levels thereafter, the overcharger may select one additional piece of equipment to be affected by this ability.

This ability replaces surging euphoria.

Ultimate Surge

At 20th level, an overcharger may supercharge everything around her once per day. This causes all technological items within 30 feet to be affected by the overcharger’s tech surge, which has its bonus increased to +10. Attacks made with weapons under the effects of ultimate surge ignore all damage reduction, hardness, energy resistance, and even energy immunity that their targets may possess. After one round, the overcharger is struck by psychic enervation afterwards without fail, except she suffers her associated condition (dazed, staggered, etc.) for 1d4 rounds and loses a number of power points or hit points (dependent on path) equal to her manifester level +10. The wilder also takes 2 points of ability burn to every ability score.

This ability replaces perfect surge.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Arcforge: Technology Expanded © 2018, Legendary Games; Authors: Matt Daley, Michael Sayre.

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