Medimechanic (Vitalist Archetype)

As technology advances, so too must medicine.

A skilled healer in the age of cybernetics must be both doctor and mechanic, tending to the ravages of machines as well as organic beings.

Class Skills: The medimechanic gains Knowledge (engineering) as a class skill.


Medimechanics are capable of bonding minds not only with intelligent creatures, but also with machines, investing part of their consciousness into the maintenance of a device. In addition to the normal entities that can be added to a vitalist’s collective, a medimechanic can add objects to their collective, as though they were qualifying creatures. Unattended objects are always considered willing targets but do count towards the number of creatures a medimechanic can have in their collective. Attended objects allow a Will save from their wielder (DC 10 + ½ the medimechanic’s level + the medimechanic’s Wisdom modifier) to avoid being added.

This ability modifies collective.

Mechanic Powers

A medimechanic is adept at using certain repair-based powers in inventive ways.

The following powers gain the network descriptor when manifested by a medimechanic, and are added to their power list if they are not already there: all powers of the [healing] subdiscipline, animal affinity, ecto protection, greater modify matter, id autopilot, kinetic arsenal, malfunction, modify matter, physical acceleration, psionic recharge, reconstruction, timeless body, transfer charge, and vigor.

This ability replaces medic powers.

Collective Healing

The medimechanic gains the ability to exchange different methods of healing through their collective. Healing effects that affect living creatures can be used to repair constructs or objects in the collective, and vice versa.

This ability modifies collective healing.

Lesser Transfer Wounds

As the medimechanic must learn how to handle both biological and mechanical bodies, it lacks the expertise needed to perform certain procedures. The medimechanic does not gain the transfer wounds class feature until 4th level, and always heals 1d6 less than a normal vitalist would.

This ability modifies transfer wounds.

Steal Health

The medimechanic is capable of using this ability on constructs and objects, even though they do not have a constitution score.

This modifies steal health.

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