Reactor Knight (Psychic Warrior Archetype)

When things are at their worst, the reactor knight is at her best. Reactor knights are mech pilots who push their mechs to their very limit, performing daring stunts and executing extreme maneuvers that other pilots wouldn’t dare.

Class Skills: The reactor knight adds Fly and Knowledge (engineering) to his list of class skills.

Diminished Manifesting

The reactor knight’s training with his mech reduces his natural training and facility with psionic powers. The reactor knight does not gain talents at 1st level, nor does he gain an additional power known at 2nd level and every three levels thereafter (5th, 8th, 11th, etc.).

This replaces the talents class feature and modifies the reactor knight’s powers known.

Bonded Mech

Starting at 1st level, the reactor knight gains a mech as described in the “Mech Rules and Body Types” section.


The reactor knight’s bond with his mech has left him with a precise knowledge of its limitations and how to push past them. The reactor knight may expend his psionic focus as a free action to gain a temporary pool of boost points equal to his Wisdom bonus + ½ his class level (minimum 1). These boost points last for a number of rounds equal to the reactor knight’s class level and may be spent to activate any overdrive he knows.

Overlapping activations of overdrive extend the duration of the boost pool but cannot raise the total number of boost points beyond the reactor knight’s Wisdom bonus + ½ his class level. The total boost cost of each overdrive is detailed in its description.

At 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) a mech pilot chooses one of the overdrive powers from the below list:

Afterburner (Ex)

By spending a number of boost points equal to ¼ his class level (rounded down) as a standard action, the pilot violently vents the exhaust from his mech’s heat-sinks, dealing 1d6 fire damage per class level to all creatures in a 10-foot-radius burst (Reflex save DC 10+ ½ mech’s HD + pilot’s WIS for half). At 11th level, the burst radius increases to 20 feet.

Divert Power to Thrusters (Ex)

By spending 5 boost points as part of a move action, the pilot can grant his mech a temporary fly speed of 30 feet; if the mech already has a fly speed from another source, that speed is increased by 30 feet. Each round, the pilot can extend the duration of this ability for 1 round by using a swift action and spending 1 additional boost point.

Ejection Seat (Ex)

By spending 1 boost point as a swift action, the pilot may exit his mech and make a DC 5 Acrobatics check to land safely in a square of his choice within 10 feet.

Energized Weaponry (Ex)

By spending 2 boost points as a swift action, the pilot redirects energy from his mech’s core to its weaponry. All weapons wielded by the pilot’s mech deal an additional 1d6 electricity damage per five pilot levels (rounded down, minimum 1d6). Pilots of at least 7th level using this ability have their critical threat range doubled.

This ability does not stack with Improved Critical, keen, or similar weapon properties. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to the pilot’s Wisdom modifier.

High Performance (Ex)

By spending 2 boost points as a swift action, the mech pilot applies his Wisdom modifier as a competence bonus on all attack rolls, saving throws and Acrobatics checks made while piloting his mech for the next 3 rounds.

Hunker Down (Ex)

By spending 1 boost point as a free action, the pilot shifts his mech into a defensive combat posture, adding his Wisdom modifier as a competence bonus to his mech’s AC. A pilot can only activate this ability when taking the total defense action or fighting defensively.

Jaws of Life (Ex)

By spending 2 boost points as a swift action, the pilot super-heats his mech’s weapons to a white-hot edge. The pilot selects one melee weapon his mech wields. For a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom modifier, that weapon ignores the first 10 points of hardness, + 1 point of hardness per 2 class levels, when attacking an object, vehicle, or mech.

Rapid-fire Assault (Ex)

By spending 5 boost points as a full round action, the pilot may make a single ranged attack with a ranged weapon his mech is wielding against each enemy within range (maximum number of targets equal to 2 + ½ the reactor knight’s class level). The reactor knight must be at least 11th level before selecting this Overdrive.

Rocket Crash (Ex)

By spending 1 boost point as a full round action, the mech pilot initiates a charge attack against an opponent that deals double damage on a successful melee attack. At 11th level, this damage bonus increases to triple damage. At 17th level, it increases to quadruple. These damage multipliers do not stack with those from the lance, Spirited Charge, or other similar effects.

Rocket Dodge (Ex)

The pilot uses his finely-honed instincts to turn a sure hit into a narrow miss. By spending 1 boost point as an immediate action in response to a successful enemy attack against his mech, the pilot may make a Fly check. If this check meets or exceeds the enemy attack roll, the attack misses.

Rocket Punch (Ex)

By spending 1 boost point as a standard action, the mech pilot may initiate an attack with a slam or wing at their full base attack and normal bonus against an opponent within 60 feet. This attack does not cause the mech or pilot to move from their location, as part of the mech’s body actually detaches and is propelled towards the enemy, returning and reattaching to the mech once the attack is resolved. At 8th level, they may attack up to two opponents with this ability. At 15th level, they may target up to three opponents with this attack.

Self-Destruct (Ex)

By spending 10 boost points as an immediate, the pilot overloads his mech’s core and destroys it in a massive explosion. This explosion has a burst radius of 10 feet per Hit Die of the mech and deals 1d10 force damage per HD (Reflex save DC 10 + mech’s HD for ½). Creatures who have swallowed whole or who are currently grappling the mech are not entitled to a save against this ability and take maximum damage from the effect (for example, an explosion that would deal 15d10 deals 150 damage to a target who is grappling or has swallowed whole the mech). As part of this action, the pilot makes an Acrobatics check with a DC equal to 10 + 1 per HD of the mech to successfully exit and land safely in a square of his choice at any point on the perimeter of the blast. If the pilot has the ejection seat overdrive, he automatically succeeds on this Acrobatics check. The reactor knight must be at least 11th level to take this Overdrive.

This replaces the warrior’s path, expanded path, secondary path (powers), secondary path (trance, maneuvers), and pathweaving class features.

Mech Training

Starting at 4th level, the reactor knight gains a +2 bonus to one skill from the following list: Craft (mechanical), Fly or Knowledge (engineering). Every three levels thereafter, he can choose to increase the bonus to one of these skills by +2 (to a maximum of +6 for any one skill). This may be a skill he has already chosen or a new skill chosen from the options presented above.

This replaces but otherwise counts as the path skill class feature.

Bonus Mech Enhancements

At 6th level, and again at 12th, the reactor knight may choose one mech enhancement for which his mech qualifies; it immediately gains the benefits of this enhancement.

Whenever the reactor knight changes his mech body type, builds a new mech, or repurposes an existing mech as his bonded mech, he may change this mech enhancement to another for which his mech qualifies.

This ability replaces the martial power and twisting paths class features.

Maximum Overdrive

At 20th level, the reactor knight may spend a swift action once per day to go into a special overdrive mode called maximum overdrive that lasts for a number of rounds equal to his Wisdom bonus. While in maximum overdrive, the reactor knight may activate any overdrive he knows without expending boost points.

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