Associated Discipline: Psychometabolism

Replacement Ability: The following discipline abilities replace the shared effect and infused form abilities of the psychometabolism discipline.

Empowered Alteration (Su): Starting at 8th level, you can expend your psionic focus anytime you manifest a power of the psychometabolism discipline that has a range of Personal and a Target of you to have all numeric effects of the power increased by 50%. For example, when manifesting animal affinity, you could expend your psionic focus to gain a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength instead of +4. Powers modified in this fashion cannot also be altered by effects such as Empower Power.

Infused Body (Su): At 20th level, anytime you manifest one of the metamorphosis powers, you heal a number of hit points equal to the number of power points spent on the manifestation. In addition, your body has become so adept at changing form that you become virtually indestructible. As long as some portion of your body still exists, you will return to life as if affected by resurrection one week after dying, although you gain three permanent negative levels instead of only one.

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