Fleshbinder (Ophiduan, Egoist)

For ophiduans, their bodies and bloodlines are but stepping stones to greater power. Their experiments have yielded many variations on their own strain, as well as changing the templates that make up other races. First and foremost among those who perform these experiments are the fleshbinders, their mastery over the physical form unparalleled. Rumors say that these fleshbinders have even learned to use their abilities upon the unborn, granting them psionic powers in utero.

Fleshbound Familiar (Su)

The fleshbinder gains a familiar as a wizard of the same level, but the familiar gains the share powers ability of the psicrystal instead of the share spells ability of the familiar. In addition, when manifesting a psychometabolism power with a range of personal, the fleshbinder can expend his psionic focus and spend 2 additional power points to have that power also affect his familiar and not require the familiar to remain within 5 feet of him.

This ability replaces the bonus feat normally gained at 1st level.

Mine is the Gift (Su)

At 2nd level, whenever the fleshbinder manifests a psychometabolism power on another creature, including his familiar, he can expend his psionic focus to double the duration of the effect. In addition, his familiar can merge with him. When merged, the familiar cannot be targeted and gains fast healing 5.

This ability replaces metabolic healing.

Through the Blood (Su)

At 8th level, the fleshbinder can manifest any psychometabolism power with a range of Personal or greater and instead target a creature he touches, leaving that power dormant inside of the touched creature. The power remains dormant until the fleshbinder discharges it by expending his psionic focus as a free action. A creature can only have one such dormant power within it at any given time; manifesting another dormant power causes the existing dormant power to be wasted. Power resistance and saves, if any, still apply against the manifested power and the creature must still be on the same plane of existence as the fleshbinder when the effect is triggered.

This ability replaces shared effect.

Fleshbound Allies (Su)

At 14th level, the fleshbinder can bind the flesh of his allies to himself by laying his hand on the ally or allies to be bound as a standard action. Such a bond is taxing, giving the fleshbinder a permanent 1 point penalty to Constitution for each such bond for the duration of the bond. While the bond exists, each fleshbound ally gains the following abilities like the  fleshbinder’s familiar: share powers, speak with master, and the ability to merge with the fleshbinder.

This ability replaces resilient body.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Psionics. Copyright 2013, Dreamscarred Press; Authors: Andreas Rönnqvist and Jeremy Smith

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