The best hunter is one who is not seen before taking down his prey. The shroud is just such a hunter, using her psionic prowess to hide from view and track silently.

Unseen (Su)

A shroud can use her heightened awareness of her surroundings and psionic energy to read the environment and blend in so as to be undetectable. While maintaining psionic focus, she can spend a swift action to become invisible for a number of rounds equal to her Wisdom modifier. The invisibility ends as soon as the shroud attacks a creature. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her class level.

This ability replaces Wind Reader.

Hidden Hunter (Su)

Starting at 2nd level, the shroud gains a bonus +1 bonus to Stealth skill checks. At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.

This ability replaces Evade Arrows.

Hide in Plain Sight

A shroud of 7th level or higher can use the Stealth skill even when being observed by expending her psionic focus when making her Stealth skill check.

This ability replaces Disengage.

Unseen Assault

Starting at 13th level, when the shroud uses her Unseen ability, the effect does not end when she attacks a creature.

This ability replaces Defensive Shot.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide. Copyright 2011, Dreamscarred Press; Authors: Jeremy Smith and Andreas Rönnqvist.

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