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Circuitbreaker (Cryptic Archetype)

Circuitbreakers, much like standard cryptics, are obsessed with the patterns that underlie their world. Unlike “normal” cryptics, the patterns that circuitbreakers see manifest to them as mechanical blueprints driving them to devise and create new and more powerful devices. Walking the thin line between genius and madness, circuitbreakers push the boundaries of technology constantly, seeking an ultimate creation that they themselves do not fully understand.

Advanced Tech Expert

The circuitbreaker’s pursuit of technological discovery drives him to develop new techniques and tools to assist him in reaching his goals.

At 1st level, the circuitbreaker receives the Technologist feat.

At 5th level, the circuitbreaker receives the Craft Technological Item feat, even if he would not otherwise qualify for it.

At 9th level, the circuitbreaker may choose either the Craft Cybernetics or Craft Pharmaceutical feat, even if he would not otherwise qualify for it.

At 13th level, and again at 17th level, the circuitbreaker may choose any feat whose Prerequisites include either Psicrystal Affinity or Technologist as a bonus feat.

This replaces the altered defense class feature.

Psicore Assistant

The circuitbreaker’s drive to innovate leads to him create more and more advanced tools to assist him in his endeavors. At 3rd level, the circuitbreaker gains Psicrystal Affinity and Psi-Core Upgrade as bonus feats, even if he would not otherwise qualify for them.

This ability replaces the evasion class feature.

Structured Devastation (Ex)

From 4th level on, the circuitbreaker gains the ability to attach any trap or ranger trap he has created to a non-hostile construct or mech as a full round action. The next time the construct or mech succeeds on a melee attack roll, the targeted creature is also treated as having triggered the attached trap.

This ability replaces the rapid defense class feature.

Advanced Devastation (Ex)

Starting at 14th level, the circuitbreaker may attach up to two traps or ranger traps when using his structured devastation class feature.

This ability replaces the enduring defense class feature.

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