Mecha Sentinel (Aegis Archetype)

While a personal suit of customizable armor is a powerful and versatile weapon, some wielders of ectoplasm seek more ambitious evolutions in the field of ectoplasmic forging. Constructing the contents of the astral plane into immense avatars of war, mecha sentinels create deadly weapons of war.

Astral Mech

Starting at 1st level, the mecha sentinel gains the ability to construct a mech using ectoplasm. This mech functions as a bonded mech of equal level, and the mecha sentinel must remain inside the mech to keep its form intact. Forming an astral mech takes one minute, and the mecha sentinel may select the mech’s body type each time that he forms it. Any weapon slots that the astral mech possesses are filled with weapons made of ectoplasm that can be used in the appropriate slot.

The astral mech does not gain any mech enhancements or size increases as a bonded mech normally would. Rather, the mecha sentinel may apply astral suit customizations to the astral mech much in the way a normal aegis would apply such customizations to his astral suit. At 1st level, the mecha sentinel chooses whether to select from the customization list of the base aegis class or the aberrant aegis archetype. Once he has made this decision, he may not change it at a later date. The mecha sentinel may select any customizations on his list of choice, and these choices are applied to the astral mech or the mecha sentinel when he is wearing his astral mech. Any bonuses that would apply to the aegis while he is wearing his astral suit (such as from the nimble, increased size or hardened strikes customizations) instead apply to the astral mech.

An astral mech does not function in areas where psionics do not work, such as a null psionics field.

Dismiss ectoplasm can be used against an astral mech; treat the manifester level as the mecha sentinel’s class level, although the mecha sentinel can simply form his astral mech again on his next turn.

This ability replaces astral suit and damage reduction.

Mech Customizations

In addition to the normal customizations it may select, the mecha sentinel may select the following customizations:

3-Point Customizations

Mech Enhancement: Choose 1 Mech Enhancement normally available to mechs. The mecha sentinel’s astral mech gains the benefits of that enhancement whenever it is formed. The mecha sentinel may select this customization as many times as he wishes.

4-Point Customizations

Size Increase: The mecha sentinel’s mech gains the benefit of a size increase as a mech normally would.

The benefits of this ability stack with the increased size and improved increased size customizations.

The mecha sentinel must be at least 11th level to select this customization and may select it a second time at 20th level.

In addition, the mecha sentinel may not select the improved damage reduction customization.

This ability modifies customizations.

Reconfigure Mech

This ability functions as the normal aegis’ reconfigure ability, save that the modifications apply to the mecha sentinel’s astral mech rather than an astral suit.

This ability modifies reconfigure.

Augment Mech

This ability functions as the normal aegis’ augment suit ability, save that the augments apply to the mecha sentinel’s astral mech rather than an astral suit.

This ability modifies augment suit.

Astral Override

At 12th level, the mecha sentinel learns to push his mech to the limits in ways that would be nigh-impossible with a traditional machine.

Once per day, plus an additional time per day for every two levels above 12th, the mecha sentinel may end one of the following effects on his astral mech as a swift action: blinded, dazed, dazzled, deafened, disabled, entangled, helpless, petrified, slowed, or staggered.

This ability replaces cannibalize suit.

Ultimate Mech

At 20th level, the mecha sentinel bonds with his mech to the point where it cannot easily be removed or impeded. His mech cannot be dispelled or removed against his will by any means, although his astral mech ability still does not function within areas where psionics do not work, such as a null psionics field.

In addition, the mecha sentinel can spend two daily uses of his reconfigure ability to alter all of the customizations on his astral mech or alter the body type of the mech.

Finally, the astral mech gains one mech enhancement of the mecha sentinel’s choice.

This ability replaces perfect merger

Aegis Customizations

1-point customizations

Suit Maneuverability: Increase the maximum Dexterity bonus of the aegis’ astral suit by +2. This can be selected multiple times

3-point customizations

Force Field: The aegis gains a force field around his Astral Suit that absorbs attacks. This force field grants a number of temporary hit points equal to twice the Aegis’ level and possesses fast healing 3. For every additional point invested in this customization, the fast healing increases by 1 and the amount of temporary hp increases by 5.

Easy Suit

The type of armor that the aegis forms his astral suit into is considered light armor rather than medium or heavy armor. This does not alter the statistics of the armor in any way but enables creatures to move at their full speed while inside.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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