Knowledge (Martial) (Int) (Trained Only)

Presented below is a new category of the Knowledge skill focusing on martial knowledge. The skill description here follows the standard format for skills.

Knowledge (martial) (Int) (Trained Only)

You can use this skill to identify martial maneuvers as soon as they are initiated, or recall tactics used in historic battles, as well as identifying warriors or generals in those battles or identifying heroes or villains in history and modern times.

Check: You can identify maneuvers and disciplines used by a combatant. The DCs for Knowledge (martial) checks relating to various tasks are summarized below.

Skill DC Task
10 + maneuver level Identify a maneuver being initiated by someone you can see. No action required. No retry.
20 + target’s initiator level Determine all disciplines known by a particular creature by watching it initiate at least one maneuver. No action required. Retry only if the subject initiates another maneuver.
15 + variable amount, +2 for every 50 years ago the battle occurred Recall important facts about historic battles and tactics used.
20 Recall facts about prominent martial disciples in the region.
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