Variable Wind (Combat)

You’ve learned to use the many styles of the Solar Wind discipline.

Prerequisites: One Solar Wind maneuver known, one Solar Wind stance known.

Benefit: You gain the ability to change your active element if you cannot already. Any Solar Wind maneuver you initiate that deals fire damage instead deals damage of your active element’s associated energy type.

The Elements and Solar Wind

The traditionalists of the Solar Wind discipline teach their students that fire is the natural power of the sun, and while this art was developed in sunny mesas and rolling plateaus bathed in winds, there are other environments where the discipline was adapted. From the frozen fjords and frigid taigas comes the icy Glacial Frost variant (cold). From the tropical forests of the world comes the corrosive Virulent Spray variant (acid). Finally, hailing from stormy peaks of wave-tossed islands comes the electrical variant Oncoming Storm (electrical) variant. When a character possesses the Solar Wind discipline, they can decide which variant (if any) is used, changing the standard elemental damage type associated with Solar Wind to that of the variant chosen. This choice is made when the character gains access to the discipline—other variants can be learned whenever the character gains a level in a new class that possesses the Solar Wind martial discipline or through the Variable Wind feat.

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