Tap Animus (Combat)

You gain the ability to tap a small wellspring of animus within you.

Prerequisites: You may not possess the animus class feature.

Benefit: When you enter combat, you gain an animus pool with one point of animus at the start of your first turn, and add one point of animus to your animus pool at the start of each of your turns thereafter. Your animus pool persists for one minute after the last enemy combatant is defeated or the encounter otherwise ends. At the end of any round in which you initiate a maneuver (a strike, boost, or counter), you add an additional point of animus to you pool. You can use this animus pool to augment maneuvers or power animus-related feats as normal.

Special: If you ever gain the animus class feature, this feat is immediately exchanged for the Extra Animus feat.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of War – Expanded, © 2016, Dreamscarred Press.

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