Lurker in Darkness (General)

Your training allows you to foil even magical and unusual senses.

Prerequisites: Stealth 6 ranks.

Benefit: Creatures using unusual forms of sensory perception such as blindsight, greensight, or tremorsense cannot automatically foil your use of Stealth; such creatures must make a Perception check as normal to detect you when you make use of the Stealth skill. This feat foils indirect detection (such as a creature using detect magic to search for your magical items while you are using Stealth) in the manner described above, but has no effect on psi-like abilities, powers, spells, spell-like abilities, and/or supernatural abilities specifically used to uncover information about you rather than enhancing the user’s perception, such as the augury spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of War – Expanded, © 2016, Dreamscarred Press.

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