Advanced Study (Combat)

You’ve delved deeper into your martial learning to find new skills.

Prerequisites: 4th level or higher in a martial disciple class (a class that has the maneuvers readied class feature)

Benefit: Choose one martial disciple class you have at least 4 levels of. You add two maneuvers or one stance from that class’ available disciplines to that class’ maneuvers or stances known. Alternatively, you can instead choose a single maneuver or stance to learn from disciplines that are not available to you from that class. You must meet the prerequisites for maneuvers and stances gained with this feat as normal.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you may choose a different class and different maneuvers. Levels in prestige classes that progress maneuvers stack with your class levels for determining how many levels you have in a martial disciple class.

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