Zweihander Sentinel

Some warders recognize a powerful offense is the best defense he can bring. Instead, they eschew shields and focus on utilizing a single two-handed weapon for both offense and defense.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The zweihander sentinel loses proficiency with shields and tower shields.

This ability modifies the warder’s normal starting weapon and armor proficiencies.

Zweihander Training

At 1st level, when wielding a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon in both hands, the warder gains a shield bonus to his armor class equal to his aegis class feature bonus.


A zweihander sentinel loses access to the Broken Blade discipline and adds Scarlet Throne to her list of available disciplines. This ability does not cause zweihander sentinel archetype to be incompatible with other archetypes that alter the maneuvers class feature or her available disciplines, so long as she can still give up Broken Blade. If she does not have a discipline’s associated skill as a class skill, she gains it as a class skill

This alters a warder’s maneuvers.

Armament Shield (Ex)

When wielding a one-handed weapon in two hands or a two-handed weapon, the weapon is treated as a light shield for the purposes of performing a shield bash attack on an opponent. The warder smashes with the butt of a spear-haft, the pommel of a greatsword, or the broadside of her axe. All are essentially the same and are treated as light shields for the purposes of shield bash attacks or martial maneuvers to be used with a weapon of this type (such as Iron Tortoise maneuvers that require a shield to function). The zweihander sentinel may always use her armament shield as an off-hand weapon, even if she has already attacked with her weapon in both hands.

Defensive Reach (Ex)

At 6th level, the warder has supreme control over his environment and the use of his weapon to defend himself and his allies. When wielding a non-reach two-handed weapon, the warder increases his reach by five feet for use with attacks of opportunity and counters. When wielding a two-handed reach weapon the warder threatens adjacent enemies and may attack them as though he was not wielding a reach weapon.

This ability replaces the aegis class feature’s range increase at 6th level.

Punishing Defenses (Ex)

At 12th level, the warder has gained a great deal of skill in using offense as his best defense. When making an attack of opportunity or when making an attack against a foe as part of a counter, he inflicts an additional 2d6 points of damage. This damage is not multiplied if the character scores a successful critical hit.

This ability replaces the aegis class feature’s range increase at 12th level.

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