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School evocation; Level 8


Casting Time 4 hours (2 phases of 2 hours; fails automatically if interrupted)
Components V, S, SC (at least 5 and up to 10, who must have Mythos taint or have at least 1 rank in Knowledge [geography] or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) and must chant from text; +1 bonus on the non-diagram ritual skill check per optional caster), L (beyond a polar circle or in a similar permanently cold area, atop a large hill of snow or a frozen peak)
Skill Checks Craft (sculptor) DC 20, 1 success (diagram); Knowledge (geography) or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) DC 33, 1 success
Range unlimited Diagram primary caster must stand in the middle of a 10-foot-diameter circle carved into the ice and snow


Duration 1d10 hours
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


This ritual calls down Ithaqua, the Elder God of ice, wind, and ravaging hunger. Ithaqua may take several hours to appear, and might remain distant so that only the impossibly cold winds that follow his path mark his dread presence. Regardless, Ithaqua will likely bring along some gnoph-keh and transform any ritual participants into wendigo, if they are not wendigo already.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2017, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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