Bind Dimensional Shambler

School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level 7
Duration of Ritual: 1 minute
Components V, S, F (the knife or object initially used to call the dimensional shambler)
Optional Components F (a tome containing the ritual gives a +5 insight bonus on the ritual skill check) Skill Check Knowledge (planes) or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) DC 28, 1 success
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target one dimensional shambler
Duration until task is completed, up to 1 day/level
Saving Throw Will partial; Spell Resistance no


The ritual binds a dimensional shambler to carry out a single task directed by the caster. When this ritual is initiated, the dimensional shambler cannot attempt to depart the presence of the caster by any means unless the ritual is interrupted. When the ritual is complete, the target can negate the control with a successful Will save.

This ritual is often found in the same tomes that contain the call dimensional shambler ritual, though not always.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2017, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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