Avatar of the Black Goat With A Thousand Young

School transmutation [chaotic, evil]; Level 9


Casting Time 24 hours (7 phases of 3 hours; fails automatically if interrupted)
Components V, S, L (any area affected by the obscene fertility rites of Shub-Niggurath)
Optional Components SC (up to 10, each of whom must have at least 8 ranks in Knowledge [religion] or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) and chant from text; +1 bonus on ritual skill checks per 2 participants)
Skill Checks Knowledge (nature) or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) DC 23, 1 success (diagram); Knowledge (religion) or Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) DC 38, 6 successes


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Diagram target must be in the center of a 5-foot circle drawn entirely in blood throughout the casting Target a living creature of at least Small size that has Intelligence 3 or higher
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Fort negates; Spell Resistance yes


This ritual blesses its willing or unwilling subject to be an avatar through which Shub-Niggurath can manifest herself. If after the ritual is concluded, the avatar is in an area currently affected by the obscene fertility rites of Shub-Niggurath, Shub-Niggurath may burst forth from the avatar at influence stage 3, effectively slaying it.

Alternatively, a dark young or acolyte of Shub- Niggurath can magically command the avatar to bring forth the Outer God at any time as an action over the course of 1 round with a successful Profession (Yog-Sothothery philosopher) check against DC 40.

Shub-Niggurath will then remain at influence stage 3 until her whims draw her elsewhere or she is defeated or banished somehow. Unless Shub-Niggurath would otherwise be at influence stage 3, she falls back to influence stage 2 when her nucleus is destroyed. Only a wish, miracle, or similarly powerful magic can remove this blessing, and even then, the caster must make a caster level check with a DC of 37.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2017, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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