Some creatures die in such horrific ways, or live such pointless and senseless lives, that despair grips their very beings. Phantoms with this focus use misery as a weapon, inflicting the living with the gloom of the phantoms’ continued existence. Despair phantoms often appear twisted or wounded, showing the grisly circumstances of their demise. Their coloration tends to have a grayish or sickly green cast. When they speak, they do so in terrifying whispers or high-pitched screeches.

Skills: The phantom gains a number of ranks in Intimidate and Stealth equal to its number of Hit Dice. While confined in the spiritualist’s consciousness, the phantom grants the spiritualist Skill Focus in each of these skills.

Good Saves: Fortitude and Will.

Power from Despair: The phantom gains a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against creatures that are shaken, frightened, panicked, cowering, or subject to effects such as aura of despair or crushing despair.

Miserable Strike (Su)

If the phantom hits a creature with a slam attack, that creature must succeed at a Will Saving Throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 the phantom’s Hit Dice + the phantom’s Charisma modifier) or take a –2 penalty on attack and damage rolls for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting fear and emotion effect. Penalties from multiple hits don’t stack with themselves.

Aura of Despair (Su)

When the spiritualist reaches 7th level, as a swift action, the phantom can emit a 10-foot aura of despair. Enemies within the aura take a –2 penalty on all saving throws. This is a fear effect. Deactivating the aura is a free action.

Despairing Shout (Su)

When the spiritualist reaches 12th level, three times per day as a standard action, the phantom can emit a shout that acts as crushing despair. The phantom uses its Hit Dice as its caster level for the effect, and the DC of the effect equals 10 + 1/2 the phantom’s Hit Dice + the phantom’s Charisma modifier. The phantom can use this ability in either ectoplasmic or incorporeal form.

Inescapable Despair (Su)

When the spiritualist reaches 17th level, if the phantom hits with its slam attack, the creature hit doesn’t get a save to resist the effects of miserable strike.

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