Winter-Bound (Spiritualist Archetype)

Winter-bound spiritualists are deliberate creations of the winter witches, much like soul bound dolls.

Paired with a spirit who is either a victim or loyal servant of the winter witches, most winter-bound are broken during their creation and act as slaves of the witches, often serving as living examples what it means to cross a winter witch.

Those few who survive their conditioning seldom live long enough to regret it.

Phantom: When creating a winter-bound spiritualist, winter witches will pair the spiritualist with a phantom of opposing ideologies. The phantom may be of any alignment other than that of the winter-bound but still must obey her.

This ability alters phantom.

Arcane Spellcasting: A winter-bound’s spellcasting ability comes from arcane rather than psychic power. As an arcane caster, the winter-bound’s spells use verbal components instead of thought components, and somatic components instead of emotional components. If the spell has a material component, they use that as well. This ability alters spellcasting.

Winter-bound (Ex)

Bound together by the winter witches’ magic, the winter-bound gain a similar protection from the cold. At 1st level, the winter-bound gains endure elements as a constant spell-like ability, but only against cold temperatures. At 4th level, they gain cold resistance 5. At 9th level, this cold resistance increases to 10. At 14th level, it becomes immunity to cold. This ability replaces spiritual interference and greater spiritual interference.

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