Zeitgeist Binder

Not all spiritualists deal in the souls of creatures that refuse to pass into death. Zeitgeist binders channel the emotional connections of a group of people into a unique phantom that personifies a community.

Zeitgeist (Su)

A zeitgeist binder’s phantom is called a zeitgeist. In addition to an emotion, a zeitgeist is tied to one aspect of its settlement: corruption, crime, economy, law, lore, or society.

In order to select an aspect, that aspect of the settlement must have a positive modifier (for instance, a settlement with a negative lore modifier or a modifier of 0 could not manifest a lore zeitgeist). Although a zeitgeist personifies a single chosen settlement, a zeitgeist binder can call it anywhere, but outside the bounds of its settlement, it loses the benefits of its settlement aspect and settlement avatar abilities.

This ability alters phantom.

Settlement Aspect (Sp)

A zeitgeist binder gains a number of spell-like abilities tied to her zeitgeist’s settlement aspect. Other than being based on Wisdom instead of Charisma, these work the same way as the fractured mind’s emotional power ability. The masterwork transformation spell-like ability does not ignore the material component.

Corruption: Conditional favor (5th), false belief (7th), charm person (9th), mass suggestion* (16th).

Crime: Crime of opportunity (5th), pilfering hand (7th), demand offering (9th), crime wave (16th).

Economy: Crafter’s fortune (5th), masterwork transformation (7th), beguiling gift (9th), major creation (16th).

Law: Detect chaos (5th), arrow of law (7th), peacebond (9th), mark of justice (16th).

Lore: Object reading (5th), hypercognition (7th), heightened awareness (9th), legend lore (16th).

Society: Cultural adaptation* (5th), rumormonger (7th), share language (9th), coordinated effort (16th).

This ability replaces detect undead, calm spirit, see invisibility, and call spirit.

Settlement Avatar (Su)

When a zeitgeist binder reaches 2nd level, the zeitgeist becomes a living avatar of the settlement. As a standard action, it can project its senses out into the settlement, perceiving the general pulse of its chosen aspect throughout the whole settlement as well as anything involving its aspect that is occurring within 50 feet per spiritualist level. The sensing works like enter image, so the zeitgeist attempts a Perception check at a – 10 penalty to notice any particular activity within range. The zeitgeist can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to the zeitgeist binder’s spiritualist level. These rounds need not be consecutive.

When the zeitgeist binder reaches 10th level, the zeitgeist can project its senses to feel its settlement aspect at will.

Additionally, the zeitgeist binder gains a bonus teamwork feat as long as she is in her zeitgeist’s settlement. The zeitgeist binder must meet the teamwork feat’s prerequisites, and she grants the feat as a bonus feat to her zeitgeist, even if it doesn’t meet the prerequisites.

This ability replaces the spiritualist’s bonded senses and fused consciousness.

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