Usher of Lost Souls

Ushers of lost souls are spiritualists who focus on bringing the souls of the dead to their final judgments at the end of the River of Souls. To this end, they specialize in destroying undead and in laying haunts to rest. Skeptics who point out the apparent contradiction that ushers of lost souls use phantoms to aid them are quickly told that their ectoplasmic allies hail from the Ethereal Plane and are not actually undead.

Etheric Channel (Su)

An usher of lost souls can focus ethereal energies to channel waves of disruption. The spiritualist can channel positive energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier (minimum 1). She channels energy like a cleric of her spiritualist level, except the channeled energy can be used only to harm undead or haunts. This otherwise functions as channel energy for the purposes of feats and abilities. The spiritualist does not require a holy symbol to use this ability.

Spirit Senses (Ex)

At 2nd level, an usher of lost souls gains a bonus equal to half her spiritualist level on Perception checks to detect haunts and incorporeal creatures and on Sense Motive checks to determine whether a creature is possessed, under the effects of an enchantment or curse, or otherwise magically controlled.

This ability replaces bonded senses.

Disrupting Phantom (Ex)

When an usher of lost souls reaches 4th level, her phantom gains the ability to directly harm haunts. The phantom can make an attack while within a haunt’s area against an AC equal to 10 + the haunt’s caster level. On a hit, the phantom deals its slam damage to the haunt; the haunt is immune to critical hits from the phantom. When an usher of lost souls reaches 12th level, her phantom can deal critical hits to a haunt, and the critical threat range for its slam attacks against haunts increases to 19–20.

This ability replaces spiritual interference and greater spiritual interference.

Locate Haunts (Su)

At 9th level, an usher of lost souls can locate inactive haunts. As a standard action, she can enhance her vision to detect haunts within 60 feet of her. A haunt’s area glows with a bright light for an untriggered haunt or dim light for a haunt that is waiting to reset. She can use this ability for 10 minutes per day per spiritualist level.

This duration doesn’t need to be consecutive, but it must be spent in 10-minute increments.

This ability replaces see invisibility.

Disruptive Influence (Su)

At 14th level, the usher of lost souls can put spirits to rest. She can use one of her uses of calm spirit to instead cast purge spirit as a spell-like ability.

She can expend two uses of her etheric channel to cast either of these spells as a spell-like ability.

This ability replaces spiritual bond.

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