A geomancer studies every type of land, deriving power from the differences between types of terrain.

Class Skills: A geomancer adds Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), and Survival to his list of class skills instead of Disable Device, Knowledge (engineering), and Knowledge (religion).

This alters the occultist’s class skills.

Geomantic Focus (Su)

When a geomancer invests mental focus into his implements for the day, he can store some of it in the surrounding terrain. As long as he remains in physical contact with the terrain, he gains the survivalist resonant power and the ability to use the terrain stride, dominion, and wall of terrain focus powers as appropriate for his level.

This alters mental focus.

Geomancy (Su)

A geomancer learns one fewer implement school at 1st level. Instead, the spells that he knows are partially determined by the type of terrain he is currently in (and the level of spells he can cast). When he leaves a type of terrain, he loses knowledge of the spells that terrain grants and instead knows the spells granted by the new type of terrain he has entered. If a specific terrain falls into more than one category, the geomancer chooses which list of spells he receives when he enters the terrain. The spells at each spell level for the various types of terrain are listed below.

Cold: 1st—frostbite, 2nd—frigid touch, 3rd—sleet storm, 4th—creeping ice, 5th—icy prison, 6th—freezing sphere.

Desert: 1st—sun metal, 2nd—shifting sand, 3rd—cup of dust, 4th—fire shield, 5th—flame strike, 6th—sirocco.

Forest: 1st—entangle, 2nd—tree shape, 3rd—speak with plants, 4th—arboreal hammer, 5th—tree stride, 6th—liveoak.

Jungle: 1st—nauseating dart, 2nd—sickening entanglement, 3rd—venomous bolt, 4th—poison, 5th—snake staff, 6th—swarm skin.

Mountain: 1st—stone fist, 2nd—stone call, 3rd—stone shape, 4th—obsidian flow, 5th—cave fangs, 6th—move earth.

Plains: 1st—mount, 2nd—gust of wind, 3rd—plant growth, 4th—aspect of the stag, 5th—control winds, 6th—whip of ants.

Planes (Other Than the Material Plane): 1st—endure elements, 2nd—rope trick, 3rd—blink, 4th—dimensional anchor, 5th—planar adaptation, 6th—plane shift.

Swamp: 1st—mudball, 2nd—burst of nettles, 3rd—lily pad stride, 4th—slowing mud, 5th—insect plague, 6th—mass fester.

Underground: 1st—expeditious excavation, 2nd—darkvision, 3rd—meld into stone, 4th—echolocation, 5th—suffocation, 6th—conjure black pudding.

Urban: 1st—urban grace, 2nd—share language, 3rd—urban step, 4th—zone of silence, 5th—telepathic bond, 6th—statue.

Water: 1st—air bubble, 2nd—slipstream, 3rd—water breathing, 4th—fluid form, 5th—geyser, 6th—control water.

This alters implements.

Survivalist (Su)

At 2nd level, a geomancer gains a +1 bonus on Survival checks for every point of mental focus invested in the terrain (to a maximum equal to his occultist level).

This replaces magic item skill.

Terrain Stride (Su)

At 5th level, as a swift action, a geomancer can expend 1 point of mental focus invested in the terrain to increase all of his movement speeds by 10 feet. At 5th level, the geomancer can expend 2 points of mental focus invested in the terrain to instead increase all of his movement speeds by 20 feet. This affects only movement speeds he already has.

This replaces aura sight.

Dominion (Su)

At 7th level, as a standard action, a geomancer can expend 1 or more points of mental focus invested in the terrain to infuse himself and each of his allies within 30 feet of him with the might of the land. Affected creatures gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and Fortitude saves for every point of mental focus expended. These bonuses last for 1 minute and can’t exceed one-quarter the geomancer’s occultist level.

This replaces the focus power gained at 7th level.

Wall of Terrain (Sp)

At 13th level, as a standard action, a geomancer can expend 3 points of mental focus invested in the terrain to fashion a solid wall of the surrounding terrain, no matter its actual composition. This functions as per wall of stone, using the geomancer’s occultist level as his caster level. By expending an extra point of generic mental focus, he can increase the hardness of the wall to 10 and give it an extra 5 hit points per inch of thickness.

This replaces the focus power gained at 13th level.

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